Physical activity is essential for everyone and a dedicated fitness routine will help you get the perfect physique. If you want to be fit and healthy you will have to focus on all muscle groups on your body. To get the perfect physique you will have to concentrate both on your upper body as well as lower body.

Working on your glutes will not only help you get a good looking lower body but it will also help you burn more calories. Glutes are a large muscle group and working on them will burn a lot of calories. It will also help you create a balance in your physique. Many people have a well-developed upper body but very weak glutes. This causes a very disproportionate physique. And your glutes and lower part of your body is the foundation, and if you do not work on your foundation then you cannot carry a heavy weight body. Your body is just like a building and your gluets are the foundation of that building.

How would you build strong glutes?

To easily build a strong lower body, you will have to focus on compound exercises that target all the muscles in your glutes. Your glutes are made up of three different muscles:

  • The gluteus maximus which is the largest muscle
  • The gluteus medius
  • The gluteus minimus

You have to follow a work-out routine that targets all these three muscles and hits them from different angles. You can do this by using a variety of strength training exercises and cardio activities. While the shape of your glutes, you can make them look firmer. Incorporating compound movements like squats will also help you make your glutes a lot stronger. You will also be see benefits in your upper body exercises if you have strong glutes. You can hire a personal trainer for the same, and he/she can suggest your some best stretching and exercises for your glutes.

Exercise to get bigger and stronger glutes:


The first and most popular exercise that will help you work those glutes is squats. This is one of the oldest and most basic lower body movements that you can perform. Squats if done correctly will target your gluteus and you can easily keep them in shape. As mentioned before, it is the largest muscle in the lower body and it is capable of generating enormous force. So an effective squat session will help you burn calories long after you have finished the actual workout. Squats also help in working the hips, calves, thighs, lower back and even the core. If you have knee problems or lack mobility, you should start with easier progressions of squats like bodyweight box squats and then move onto normal body weight squats. Once you get comfortable, you can add weights or practice any variation of pistol squats.

In addition to squats you can also include leg press if you have access to a leg pressing machine. It is easier and is a very good accessory exercise for improving your glutes.


This is another great exercise that helps target the glutes. Here you have to stand in a staggered stance with your feet wide apart and try to bring one knee down. This exercise requires a lot of balance and stabilization. The stabilization forces the glutes to work very hard. Like squats, you can start with body weight squats before you decide to add weights or change a harder progression like Bulgarian lunges. Besides glutes, lunges also work your hamstrings and quads.

It is better to do such workouts under the proper supervision of a personal trainer because you can prevent any kind of injuries during your workout.