Keeping fit is the last thing you want to do during the winter months; it’s windy, cold and the only thing anybody wants to do is stuff in food and stay cozy. Don’t you feel that way too?  Lying on the couch on your belly, your leg in stockings, and the TV blaring. Keeping fit, as it were is non-negotiable especially in the winter month. You don’t want to undo all of the summer body you have worked hard to get.

Why do you want to work out when you can be cozy? Why should you be panting from working out when you can just stream a series on Netflix? Here are a few reasons why you should stay fit and work out during the winter months:

You love your heart

Or don’t you? I want to believe that you love your heart and you want to keep it healthy. News flash, all of the junk and fast food that you are putting into your body will affect your heart. If you love your heart truly, you will have to stay fit and stay exercising. Don’t allow your heart to stay frigid, get exercising and get the blood pumping around your body. This will allow your heart to stay lean and healthy. Get your heart on the straight and narrow and stay fit.

You want to give your immune system a good boost

Your exercise and fitness regimen affects your immune system, in the winter months, you want to be sure your immune system is ready for a fight and that you can give it all it takes. Winter comes with cold and flu, your immune system should be able to pack a punch and keep you steady if you stay fit and you continue to exercise through the winter months. While you can also add to your immunity by eating right, exercising and staying fit must be the crux of your regimen.

You love sleep

Don’t even try to deny it, we all love to get a little more snooze into our busy schedule and if you are battling with some sort of sleeping disorder, exercising and keeping fit is the way to go. The fatigue that sets in after an intense workout will help you to get a deep rest that even medications will not give you. This does not mean you should exercise just before bedtime, you want to choose a good time to exercise. Your sleep will be deep and uninterrupted as your body will seek to rebuild muscles that have been depleted during your workout.

You want to give your best at work Winter is such a lethargic period, it is hard to get basic work done as the temperature slumps below comfortable. This is where staying fit and exercising comes in. If you exercise during winter, you will find out that you can give more at work and stay motivated at your tasks. Don’t you like to live up to your potentials? Get exercising already!