Subscribing to a gym membership may not be feasible for everyone. Work commitment and home chores often desist people from traveling to a local establishment. After all, who wants to buy an expensive plan and then waste money not going to it on account of shortage of time!

We understand that. That is why we, at My Home Personal Training, have revolutionized the way the UK trains. No longer you are required to waste time and effort traveling to a local gym. We allow you to choose your training hours and train at the location of your choice.

1. A wide network of certified and experienced personal trainers

We have the largest network of certified trainers who have trained individuals of all age groups and backgrounds. We have a strict policy of hiring only certified trainers with whom you can feel safe working out. We have both male and female personal trainers. This allows you to choose a personal trainer of a particular gender you are comfortable training with. No matter where you are in the UK, we will do our best to get your a suitable personal trainer who will guide you on your journey to a fitter self.

2. Fitness plans customized to your goals

We don’t offer you generic training plans because, quite frankly, they don’t work. We offer you a free consultation session, where we walk you through our training process and try to get an understanding of your lifestyle, body type, and fitness goals. This is necessary so we can design a fitness plan that revolves completely around you.

3. On-demand, personalized training

You need to wake up early in the morning before heading for the office or hit the gym right after work. We know how much of a hassle it can be to travel to a gym. Well, not anymore. When you hire a personal trainer with My Home Personal Trainer, you get the ultimate convenience. Our personal trainer

4. Availability of corporate plans

Our fitness training plans are not limited to individuals and couples. We offer corporate training sessions as well. You can schedule posture correction or wellness sessions that promote a culture of workplace wellness and show concern for your employees.

5. Train in a secure environment

The world has changed now. And we cannot be certain when things will go back to normal. We encourage everyone to stay fit but also be mindful of their surroundings. When you hire a personal trainer with My Personal Home Trainer, our trainer will visit your preferred location for training you. We ensure all hygiene and sanitization practices are followed so you can train in safe environment. Remember, it is important to stay fit. Hiring a personal trainer can probably be the best decision you’ve ever made. With personal guidance from a certified trainer from My Home Personal Trainer, you can be sure to reach your fitness goals without overly exhausting yourself.