Over the last decade, the rowing machine has gained popularity as a cardio option. Even personal trainers prefer training their clients using a rowing machine. It is said that people won’t need other fitness equipment if they have a rowing machine. It’s because the machine is complete in itself. But still, many people are doubtful about the same. 

In this post, we will discuss reasons to use a rowing machine. 

The rowing machine is a perfect combination of a low-impact workout with high caloric expenditure 

Whether you are a beginner or have suffered from injuries, a low-impact workout is always preferred. It doesn’t strain the body excessively. The rowing machine offers the same. It’s perfect for all without any problem. But, it comes with high caloric expenditure as well. 

Low-impact activities like walking take time to show results. But with a rowing machine, you get the result faster. According to fitness experts, the caloric expenditure of a rowing machine per hour can be 400 to 500, which is very high. The result depends on the intensity and capability of the individuals. 

The rowing machine is extremely versatile

A rowing machine doesn’t improve one or two areas of your body but a lot more than that. With one machine, you can improve aerobic fitness, provide benefits to the heart, lungs, and overall health. Along with this, you can build strength and endurance in your lower body. It means you will get an extremely versatile workout session. 

A rowing machine even allows tailoring of the workout sessions. Based on your mood, you can work for the strength of the lower body or focus on aerobic fitness. You can control the intensity of the workout precisely. 

The rowing machine is a total-body workout 

A rowing machine is one of the cardio modalities but it’s very different from others. Generally, the cardio modalities focus on the lower body only, but rowing focuses on the entire body. Rowing is referred to as a total-body workout because it uses about 85% of the muscles. 

The percentage divisions are 60% lower body, 30% core, and 10% upper body. No other cardio option can ever do this. Engaging the entire body doesn’t mean you will strain yourself. You can shift the intensity and type of work by controlling the resistance. 

Does technique matter in a rowing machine?

Technique matters to get the desired results and avoid injuries while using a rowing machine. So, we recommend working with a personal trainer in London for your safety. Under proper guidance, you will feel confident in using a rowing machine. 

The sequence of the movement, resistance, intensity, and other related factors should be on point to get what you want. Or else, you will only waste time and even injure yourself. 

Keep these points before you start rowing:

  • Control the timing, tempo, and power production 
  • Follow the right order of muscular recruitment
  • Change your breathing intensity with intensity 
  • Start with slower strokes and then more to faster strokes
  • Warm-up before rowing and focus on the technique

A rowing machine is the best investment to achieve your fitness goal. But, make sure you use it under a professional’s guidance.