With the prickling heat of summer and fasting hours, people need to maintain their daily fluid intake. However, nothing can beat a big glass of water. But if you are bored of water there are still various alternatives to stay self-hydrated and they are much more delicious

Currently, there are various water-rich foods available that we can consume to keep our bodies refreshed and hydrated. Some of these foods are also beneficial to keep our skin clear and fresh. Below are the best four ways to stay hydrated if you are feeling bored with drinking normal water every day.

  • Start With Watermelons

Unarguably, you cannot keep yourself away from watermelons because they are super healthy and delicious as well. One whole watermelon is 8% fruit and rest is 92% H2O. Above all, watermelon is also one of the best sources of calcium, magnesium, and salt. These components are enough to keep yourself hydrated.

If you want a quick and inexpensive refreshing drink in summer, pair some watermelon cubes with mint juice and sip it slowly. It’s for sure that you’ll love this drink and never think of consuming water the whole day.

  • Smoothies Are Also Good

Everyone is fond of different types of smoothies, and you can have them in any season. For keeping yourself hydrated, you can pick water-rich fruits like watermelon, peaches, pineapple, oranges, and apples. You can select any one fruit, just blend it, and your smoothie is ready. Never forget to add mint leaves for a refreshing taste and feel.

Instead of adding water, you can add cold milk or yoghurt or even ice in your smoothie. This fruit smoothie will keep you hydrated for a longer period, and you can make a big batch for the whole day.

  • Consume Some Leafy Greens

Iceberg lettuce is an underrated food which is also not nutritionally much effective. However, these leaves contain 96% of water content which makes it a perfect addition to your salad. You can even add these leaves in your cooked veggies.

If you want to re-hydrate your body quickly, you can consume some lettuce leaves. If you are not a soup lover, you can add these leaves to your daily salad. The best part is lettuce leaves are relatively inexpensive and easily available everywhere. While preparing a salad, you can add some tomatoes and cucumbers along with lettuce leaves.

  • Avoid Consuming Salty Foods Daily

When your diet houses, numerous processed and salty foods can dehydrate your body quickly. However, our bodies need a small amount of salt to fulfil the daily requirement. Getting a daily dosage of salt from veggies and fruits is far better than consuming processed foods. Therefore, start avoiding your favourite french fries, fried items, and burgers from today!

Final Wrap-Up Drinking multiple tall glasses of water every day and considering the above options will keep you away from common heat-related issues, especially in summers. If you are very prone to dehydration, it’s better to consult with your doctor or personal trainer before considering any options.