A strong body core determines the overall wellness of the body. When you have a strong lower back, you are automatically gifted with a good body posture. People tend to spend a lot of time on their glamour muscles and ignore their lower back. This causes to disturb the body equilibrium and cause problems in the long run. For good body posture, it is important to train your core, legs, and the whole of your lower back. It also helps to strengthen the spine. You can now hire male or female trainers who can guide you with the top exercises for both your upper and lower body.

A strong lower back helps to maintain an erect and straight posture. The intensity of the movements during exercise also boosts the release of testosterone. Also, along with the right exercise you should also combine the right meal supplements that will enhance the overall durability of your body. This article discusses some of the best exercises for your lower back. 

Top Exercises Are Mentioned Below:

Exercise helps to enhance the flow of blood to the lower back. This, in turn, helps to eliminate stiffness of the lower back. Not only this, but if you have an injury in your lower back, proper exercise can speed up the healing process. Some of the best exercises are as follows: 

  1. Bridges: Gluteus maximus is the largest muscle that is present in the buttocks. Taking good care of this muscle will help you acquire a good buttock shape. To perform bridges, you will have to lie down on the ground with bent knees. The distance between your feet should be equal to the width of your hips. Slowly raise your buttocks in the air while pressing your feet on the floor. This is one of the best exercises to reduce fat on the belly, on the lower abdomen and on your back.
  2. Top exercises to do to work your lower body: If you are suffering from stiffness in your lower back, this is one of the best and easiest exercises to ease your stress with. This exercise helps to improve body stability and also strengthens the core muscles. The shoulders should also touch the floor, firmly. Gently roll both the knees over to one side of your body. Stay for five to ten seconds and then change sides. 
  3. Stretches: Top exercises to do to work your lower body are one of the best exercises for you if you are looking forward to elongating your lower back. For this exercise, you will have to lie down on the floor on your back and bend the knees slowly. Hold the position for nearly five seconds, while the abdomen remains tight.Your back should be pressed tightly against the floor. To the count of five, release your leg and gently return to your beginning position. Repeat the same process with another leg. 
  4. Lying Top exercises to do to work your lower body: This exercise world’s on the hip abductor muscles of the lower back. To perform this exercise, you have to lie on one side. Keep both your legs together. Strengthen your abdominal muscles. Once you are ready, raise the leg on the top side to about eighteen inches. Keep the leg extended and straight, and hold the position for a few seconds. Repeat the process on the same side for around ten times and then change to the other side of the body to repeat the same process with the other leg. 
  5. Partial Top exercises to do to work your lower body: Having strong abdominal muscles helps to develop a stronger body core and supports the spine. However, you should be sure of not developing any sprain or any painful impact upon your body structure. It also ensures proper alignment of the hips. Fitness enthusiasts and experienced trainers opine that partial curls can help a person to develop a strong body core. If you want to perform partial curls, you have to lie down on the floor on your back. Keeping your knees hip-width apart and your hands crossed over on your chest, take a deep breath. As you breathe out, slowly lift your shoulders and head two inches above the ground. The abdominal muscles should be hardened. Hold the position for approximately five seconds and then release. Repeat as many times as you can. 
  6. Top exercises to do to work your lower body: you want to enhance the flexibility of your lower-back muscles, Pelvic tilts are a must in your daily workout regime. To perform pelvic tilts, you will have to lie down with your back to the floor. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat. Rest both your arms to both sides of your body. Slowly arch your lower back and start pushing your stomach outwards. Hold the position for some time and release. It is ideally suggested to repeat this process thirty times a day for the best results. However, you should always consult the personal trainer before you start doing these kinds of exercises.
  7. Superman: Your lower-back muscles are present on both sides of your spine. If you want to have a good posture, it is important to have a strong back. This is a way in which you can go for building an overall strong body. For this exercise, lie upside down on the floor, and stretch your limbs outwards. Slowly raise your feet and your hands; try to lift them to a height of six inches above the ground. Keep your head straight and face the floor. Hold the position for a few seconds and release. Repeat as many times as you can. 

Conclusion Sometimes, in the course of working out, you may feel slight discomfort in your muscles. This may be caused due to cramps, over-exercising, and many other reasons. Just like regular exercise has several health benefits, over-exercise is harmful to your body and can result in severe health hazards. I hope this gives you a complete insight into the various aspects of lower-back exercise. There are different exercise ideas that you must not inculcate as a part of the same routine. On the other hand, you should try and test different exercise procedures and patterns to stay fit and healthy.