Though every person has a different capacity to work out, it is common for people to set limits on how long should anyone exercise. You can obviously change these limits based on your goals, workout intensity, strength, and stamina. While it is always better to not overdo a workout, it is equally important that you focus totally on your workout during the set time rather than spending time walking around or talking to your trainer or friends most of the time.

Today, we are going to discuss why it is important to time your workout or exercise sessions.

  • Long Hours of Exercise or Workout Can Negatively Affect You.

There is always too much of everything no matter how good it is.

The same thing is true for your fitness regime. When you do a tough workout, especially when you are aiming to build strength, your body needs time to rest, repair, recover, and heal. It is because, during a tough workout, when you burn off the hormones of stress, it creates other stresses which can cause the immune system to be down sometimes as long as three days.

Strength training causes micro-tears in your muscle tissues which become stronger only when they have time to get repaired. If you don’t give your body enough time to heal between sessions, it can get worse, not better.

When you push yourself past the limits, it makes your workout in the coming days harder and you will tend to get de-motivated quicker.

  • Not Working Hard Enough Can Delay Your Goals & Not Provide Best Results

You can use a heart rate monitor to see how fast your heart is beating. There is also an easier and quicker way to know whether or not you are working hard enough. If you can sing or even talk easily during a workout, it means you are not pushing yourself enough.

A proper workout makes you feel a bit sore the next day (but not in excruciating pain). If you are feeling nothing after a workout, you will also not see significant improvements.

So, make sure that you are providing enough time and attention to your fitness, especially when you are preparing for an athletic event or have certain goals.

  • Over-exercise or workout can cause various issues in your daily life.

When you start overworking, not only will you start hating your fitness routine but you will also start developing a sour mood for everything else. You might feel or actually go on the verge of getting sick and you may also develop anger, irritability, and depression.

When your body doesn’t get enough time to heal, your immunity system gets weaker, and you will get ill more frequently. Besides, you will feel tired all the time and excruciating pain in the body as time passes.   

Therefore, you must time your workout and exercise regime.

Tips to Remember

  • The more intense the workout, the shorter the time you should decide after discussing it with your trainer.
  • When you set a limit to your workout, only consider the actual time you are working out. It is not about how long you are in the gym or with your personal trainer. It is about how long you are actually working out.
  • Exclude the time of getting dressed, warming up, and cooling down while setting a time-limit for your workout.

How can a personal trainer help you?

When you work with a personal trainer, it is highly unlikely for you to overwork or underwork because their job is to help you achieve goals, motivate you, guide you, and create a custom fitness routine based on your body requirements, fitness goals, health issues, and more. They know when to give you enough time to rest or when to push you to work out harder. Thus, working under the supervision of a personal trainer highly pays and is worth your every penny. Just make sure that when you hire a personal trainer in London or anywhere in the UK, he/she is minimum level three qualified, REPS registered, and fully insured.