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Personal Training Specialist Areas

Highly Qualified Trainers

All our personal trainers hold advanced qualifications in the fields of health, fitness and wellbeing. However some of the My Home Trainer Personal Training Team have chosen to specialise in certain areas. Our current specialist areas are listed below with descriptions. Please feel free to have a read through.

Weight Management

Combining a healthy eating plan with a well-structured exercise routine is the only proven way to lose weight and maintain your healthy new look. It can incorporate a variety of fun training techniques at home and in the gym, whilst also educating you on what and when to eat will give you the power to manage your weight for good.

Flexibility and Stretching

Flexibility is a key component of any exercise routine. Without maintaining an optimal level of flexibility within the body, we increase its potential for pain and injury. Following a structured stretching routine will help your body increase its strength, mobility and potential for better results whilst providing you with relaxation so that you feel and move better.

Nutritional Advice

The most important factor to health and wellness is nutrition. What you put into your body affects the way it looks, feels and performs. Analyzing your diet using a food diary and then following a structured and progressive food plan that is realistic and achievable will help you to lose unwanted weight, whilst significantly improving your health and lifestyle.

Cardio / Boxing Training

Boxing is the fastest, most effective way to burn the maximum amount of calories in the shortest space of time. It works the entire body to the maximum, toning and sculpting all the muscles and provides fantastic weight loss results. This is a seriously fun way to shed the pounds.

Core and Abdominal Training

The Abdominal Wall has many different layers of muscles and in order to get the best results, we must work all of these together. This improves the body’s ability to support and protect the lower back, whilst making the entire body stronger for any activity. There is a huge variety of fun and effective exercises to create a healthy back whilst also giving you the flat stomach that everyone desires.

Muscle Toning and Shaping

The use of body weight and free weights is a fantastic way to shape and tone the body. Following a full body workout programme that uses weight to load all the muscles of the body will help you shape up all those annoying areas whilst making you feel stronger all over. This will progress you to your goal of having a toned body with fantastic shape.

Resistance Training

Resistance training focuses on applying a resistance to a given muscle to increase the strength and tone of that muscle. Using a variety of resistance techniques, from free weights to body weight, set in a specific periodised program, will cause the body to adapt and strengthen itself. This, in turn will create a body that is stronger, healthier and looks fantastic.

Sports Performance

One of the most important factors of training for any specific sport e.g. football, Marathons, Boxing etc is to understand how the body functions within that given sport. Following a specially designed routine that replicates and strengthens the movements from that given sport will increase your body’s performance and recovery whilst competing. This will not only keep you injury free but will more importantly, give you the winning edge over your competitors.

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