Personal Trainer Surrey

Sergio Oliveira

Advanced Personal Trainer 

I am passionate about health and fitness. It is very rewarding to help people achieve their full fitness goals and improve their lifestyle. I have been involved in the fitness industry since the age of 14 when I first joined a gym due to medical conditions.


Reps level 3 nasm personal training
Reps level 3 future fit matwork pilates qualification.


Weight loss
Weight training
Pilates (improve posture, balance, coordination, flexibility, core strength)


Place of work

Personal Trainer Overview

My weekly training routine is based on gym weights exercises and Pilates training.


Name: Richard Hammond

“Sergio was fantastic though we were slightly limited financially and could only afford one bundle of 20 sessions we absolutely loved it. Desperately saving for block 2 as we really benefited from his attention to detail and overwhelming enthusiasm.”

Name: Lesley

“I always suffered from back problems and sciatica.
Sedentary lifestyle and weight gain
Sergio has helped me improve my sciatica and lower back problems, by introducing me to pilates exercises and by helping me lose weight.
Hes very patient, knowledgeable and very proud of what he does.
Great trainer”

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