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Alexander Brian 2

Alexander Brian

Advanced Personal Trainer


Weights training
Boxing work to improve self defence
Cardiovascular training

A Quick look

I have been working as a mobile personal trainer for nearly four years now and love doing it. Helping people not just get fitter but improve their lives too. It’s a great job to do and one which is so rewarding.

Craig Greenwood

Craig Greenwood

Advanced Personal Trainer


  • Fat loss
  • Muscle building
  • Strength
  • HIIT
  • Rehabilitation
  • Body weight training
  • Body Transformation

A Quick look

I’m a experienced personal trainer and health and fitness became a massive part of my life around 4 years when I wanted to change the way my body looked. I’ve been through fat loss and muscle building phases to get to where I am today. I understand the hard work that is required to make a change!.

Lawrence Wilcox

Lawrence Wilcox

Advanced Personal Trainer


  • Toning & Shaping
  • Resistance Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Core/Ab Training
  • Nutritional Advice

A Quick look

If you have always promised yourself that one day you would set aside time for your complete physical and mental makeover and now is that time – look, feel, perform better than you could have ever imagined was possible.

Personal Training in Hazel Grove

The easiest way to get something done is by starting. If you have been looking for a way to begin your fitness journey, this is your cue to get started today. The first and simple step you can take is booking a trainer with My home Personal Trainer. Having a guide makes the journey easier. A personal trainer Hazel Grove gets you through the rough patches that occur at the beginning phase.

You will also be supported and encouraged through the high and low moments of your fitness journey. The importance of a good trainer cannot be over-emphasized as this also impacts your general health and fitness. The first steps are often the hardest but with MPHT, we are there to hold your hand and provide all you may need to reach your desired health goals. At MHPT there is a fitness plan for everyone from group training to home personal training, pre and post-natal exercises, nutritional guidance, meal plans, health assessment, and much more.

Benefits of group training

For people who can’t seem to get through their sessions alone, we advise they join our group training sessions. Group training enhances team spirit which is very beneficial in helping each member feel supported in their fitness journey. Group training also provides a sense of community and is a great bonding experience. You are able to identify that you are not alone and can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Our personal trainer Hazel Grove also provides support for every member of the group and ensures no one is left behind.

Benefits of home personal training

If you would like to get some time while still getting your workout done, then you can select our home personal training. This plan is flexible and allows you to decide the time and hours that are convenient for you. It’s also [particularly great because you can also have your training virtually if you are unavailable to physically attend. No matter the distance or what part of the world you may be in, our personal trainers ensure that you never slack on your fitness.

Pre & post-natal exercises

Pregnant and nursing mothers are also not left out of our training programs. Our personal trainer Hazel Grove is skilled, equipped, and certified to train both nursing and expectant mothers. Your fitness doesn’t have to come to a complete halt as you can engage in appropriate exercise that will be supervised.

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