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Leia Jones

Leia Jones

Advanced Personal Trainer


1-2-1 customised online workout plans – gym and home based Access to an app to track your progress Tailored plant-based nutritional guidance 24/7 WhatsApp support Weight loss, muscle gain, body recomposition

A Quick look

Online personal trainer with a doctorate degree in biology allowing me to combine my knowledge to give tailored programmes that actually work.

Stephanie Payne 2

Stephanie Payne

Advanced Personal Trainer


I specialise in helping clients to improve on their general fitness, weight loss, toning and increasing muscle.

A Quick look

Highly motivated personal trainer with a huge passion to see clients reach their maximum potential. My aim is to implement my expertise to help every individual client transform their strength’s and weaknesses, physique and overall fitness.

Michael Maccormack 2

Michael MacCormack

Advanced Personal Trainer


  • Weight loss
  • Muscle toning and development
  • Mind and body development

A Quick look

– Over 20 years involved in competitive sports
– ex combat athlete
– High level combat sports including MMA, BJJ and MMA
– Experience in competition nutrition with safe weight gain and cutting
– Lifestyle enhancements
– No nonsense approach for high quality results
– Mental health improvement

Lawrence Wilcox

Lawrence Wilcox

Advanced Personal Trainer


  • Toning & Shaping
  • Resistance Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Core/Ab Training
  • Nutritional Advice

A Quick look

If you have always promised yourself that one day you would set aside time for your complete physical and mental makeover and now is that time – look, feel, perform better than you could have ever imagined was possible.

What We Offer

Importance of hiring a personal trainer in Glasgow Whether you want to improve your fitness level, gain or lose weight, or simply build muscle, we can help you. Who are we? We are a team of level 3 certified personal trainers in Glasgow. We offer tailored fitness programs, which we deliver to your home, office, or any outdoor space where you feel comfortable. We have helped hundreds of clients in and around Glasgow reach their targets and achieve the dream body with My Home Personal Trainers. When you take the first step towards losing weight, you not only improve your fitness but also enhance your muscular strength, improve your confidence as well as improve your physical and mental well-being. And that is where the best personal trainers in Glasgow come in. We want to help you realize your true potential and become a better version of yourself. We love working closely with our clients, we want to understand that and see how they behave in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Once we have a better understanding of their nature and how willing they are to push themselves beyond their limits, we amp our efforts and intensity of the workout sessions. Since each of the sessions are personalized and bespoke that are designed to target the needs, strengths, and weaknesses of our clients. Our personal trainers in Glasgow are fully qualified to advise clients on their dietary requirements, what they should eat, and how they can pair foods to enhance the benefits of their bespoke training program. We are very passionate about fitness and we know how important physical fitness can be. We want to help people, that is why our friendly, knowledgeable and kind personal trainers in Glasgow are ideal for working with clients on a 1-2-1 basis, small groups, or couples sessions. We know that shouting and barking orders don’t get good results, that is to help you achieve the best results, we follow a very calm approach. When you first contract MHPT, we conduct a fitness and health assessment in which we will discuss your current physical activities, medical history, and what your end goals are. Once we have all the information, our personal trainers in Glasgow will devise a customized plan based on this information. Why Hire Personal Trainers from My Home Personal Trainers? My Home Personal Trainer is a personalized fitness and dietary coaching company, who offer the best services that are delivered right at your door! From the feedback that we have received from our clients, we are sure of one thing. That we more and more people now want to work out from the comfort of their home, simply because the act of ‘getting up and getting out’ is too much as they have other commitments. So, our personal trainers in Glasgow understood how this stopped them from working out. Hence, we came up with mobile fitness services. We understand that your busy lifestyles can be problematic and keep you from committing to a workout schedule. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us now and get a free 45-minutes taster session. When you workout with our personal trainers in Glasgow, you’ll learn and unlearn a lot of things about fitness. Your personal trainer in Glasgow will teach you the best form for your exercises and also modify your workouts to make them more effective. You’ll become more disciplined and motivated knowing that you have an appointment with a professional. You won’t be able to blow them off as easily as your unsupervised gym sessions.

Apart from training, our personal trainers in Glasgow collaborate with nutritionists to offer free nutritional advice. After all, your diet is just as important as your workout routine. Our nutritionists will provide you with nutritional charts to help you plan a well-balanced diet so you can get the proper fuel for your workouts. 

We train people of all levels. To hire a personal trainer in Glasgow, contact us today.

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