Outdoor training is always good; you get to exercise in the natural environment, breathe in the fresh air and get a booster dose of oxygen which is not possible in a gym or your room. You can regulate your blood pressure and heart rate by doing outdoor training in summer. You can feel less strenuous in summer when you do workouts outdoor. You can feel claustrophobic in a gym because you have to share your space with others.

Moreover, some people also have hygiene concerns. In a gym, you will always have 10-20 people in a gym doing their workouts and they all sweat. They use the same machines, and they are spreading the germs through their body fluids. So, you will get affected in many ways. You can get affected by skin diseases, you cannot feel comfortable by sharing the same space with others, you cannot get one-to-one attention from your trainer, and you cannot breathe freely in summer within an enclosed area. Moreover, you cannot burn your calories in the gym because you have to do the same exercises every day.

Why is outdoor training better than the gym?

If you want the same benefit as training yourself in the gym, you must hire a personal trainer in London to train yourself outdoors. Your trainer will customize a workout plan according to your body type, and he/she can assist you in maintaining a strict diet chart. You can workouts under his/her supervision and reduce the risk of injury.

• Induces better sleep- Are you suffering from any sleep disorder or insomnia? You need to reduce your stress, and you have to do your training outdoors in the summer. You get fresh air from your outdoor, which will reduce your sleep disorders. Once you complete your exercise, you will fall asleep, and you will get a sound sleep without any disturbance. You cannot get rid of insomnia by attending a gym because weight training cannot reduce your muscle stress.

• Get natural Vitamin D- Sunrays are a good source of Vitamin D. It increases your energy level and oxidation of the tissues. Training outdoor in summer can give you enough sun’s rays, and you can stay fit. But you must keep your body safe from dehydration and sunburn. You should drink enough water and carry your sunscreen for your outdoor training. Your personal trainer can assist you to keep your body hydrated, and they can prevent such problems.

• Cost-effective solution- If you want to join a gym, then you have to pay a huge amount every month, and you have to take a membership of the respective gym. You can save your cost by choosing an option for outdoor training. You can choose your nearest park, sports track or garden for your outdoor training, and you do not need to pay anything for using such places. Apart from that, you may not find a good gym in your nearby area, and you have to drive every day to reach your gym. So, you need to spend extra fuel cost for attending a gym every day.

People often join gyms in full enthusiasm, but they start procrastinating their gym routine, and fitness goal go for a toss over a period of time. To avoid this, you can hire a personal trainer and exercise outdoors.

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