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Outdoors Professional Personal Training 

During the warmer seasons people prefer to exercise outdoors so why not have a trainer with you in the process. Park benches, pathways, and just a patch of grass and a My Home Trainer can give you an amazing fitness session. Our fun and exciting outdoor exercise workouts will help you to focus precisely on your physical movement and balance. We will use innovative and cutting-edge training techniques to help you rediscover your natural strength and agility.

Why use a treadmill in a gym when you can jog and chat at the same time under the sunshine in natural surroundings.The personal trainer may bring various equipment with him including boxing gloves/pads, exercise mat, resistence bands plus other things to make each session enjoyable and very worthwhile. Past clients have found training outdoors the most beneficial to them and still do.

We can travel to your local park or other suitable outdoor location Click here to book your Free Initial Consultation and find out more about our individual services.

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