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Matt Guthery

Advanced Personal Trainer 

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I’m 32 I have been coaching for 3 years now. I believe my key strengths to be in mindset readjustment, lifestyle management & long term health. I like to be direct and cut straight to the point. My ethos centres around the educating my clients on the fundamentals of energy balance.


Level 3 personal trainer


Fat loss
Muscle building


  • Home
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  • Anywhere where there is space to conduct a session

Personal Trainer Overview

I was coached in a very Male dominated environment, but I was brought up in a very female dominated environment. I believe this has given me a unique blend in my coaching style that allows me to pinpoint exactly when to use a direct & stern approach & when to empathise and understand. I’d describe my style as fun & enjoyable, education based & tough in the endeavour to get through the other side.


 Why did you decide to begin PT?

Because I had a taster session and felt fantastic afterwards!

What has been the most pleasing aspect of the process for you?

Seeing results in not only my fitness but also in my changing shape. Loss of flabby middle agedness! Also, an understanding from your trainer about the reality of one’s life and sometimes the inability to following things to the letter.

How do you feel now compared to when you first started?

So much better and like I am really getting on top of my health and my nutrition. It has been interesting journey with food and alcohol.

Would you recommend this training to others?

Without a doubt. It is client centred all the way, which is so important. Engagement and support are so fabulous.

Why did you decide to begin PT?

I decided to begin PT as kicker motivation needed to get back into shape post maternity leave. My daughter was 11 months old and I had put on over a stone in weight post baby and was very out of shape.

What has been the most pleasing aspect of the process for you?

  1. Seeing regular results in my regular fitness levels, weight loss, better fitting clothes, muscle tone and general well-being without having to compromise on my lifestyle holidays, work trips, family occasions, etc (self-confessed foodie)
    2. Changing my Understanding of the impact of weights-based exercise and understanding the role nutrition plays in a good fitness regime.
    3. The fab & relaxed atmosphere Matt puts you in – we put the world to right on so many occasions! And I felt free to have a good and proper whinge about work, etc when needed.
    4. Learning the importance of a good stretch and discovering just how unusually flexible I am!

Was there anything you did not like about personal training with Matt?

No. Initially, I thought I did not like lifting very heavy weights as it would make me bulkier and give that masculine/Macho look I dreaded. Matt & I debated this many more times than I could count. In the end, I had to just trust him & the process. Hate to admit now that he was right!

How do you feel now compared to when you first started?

I feel great! I am definitely much fitter! I have achieved all the initial goals I set for myself and now working on extended goals I would have thought previously unachievable.

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