Designing a viable exercise plan for yourself is an assignment that regularly requires a touch of experimentation. A healthy and good workout routine is a mix of a lot of factors that include a healthy diet, nourishment, and proper rest and sleep. One of these moving parts that are frequently disregarded by most of us is warming up and cooling down before and after working out. However, most people go on with their workout season without these practices as they believe these exercises are less critical to a balanced exercise schedule.

But including both warm-up and cool-down exercises into your workout plan is the most ideal way of preparing your body for the long haul and decreasing the danger of possible wounds. Proper warm-up and cool-down exercises along with intense physical activities could help you achieve the best results you have been looking for.

What Happens To Your Body If You Don’t Warm Up and Cool Down Properly?

  • More Risk Of Injury: Over 30% of wounds seen by sports medication facilities are skeletal muscle wounds — which can be effortlessly forestalled by heating up and extending.
  • Blood Pooling: If you stop working out unexpectedly without a proper cool-down workout, your muscles will not be able to stop contracting efficiently that could lead to muscle soreness. This can make blood pool in the lower points of your body. When your blood is in the lowest part of the body without proper pressure it could not move back up to your heart and mind. Therefore, you might feel a little dizzy, weak, and unsteady, or you might even blackout if you stop working out without proper cooling.
  • Cardiovascular System Overload: Warming up helps you steadily increase your pulse and breathing to a level that will want to satisfy the needs of your exercise. If you begin working out at an intense level without warming up first, you will put unnecessary stress and pressure on your heart and lungs.

Warm-up and cool-down exercises don’t need to be complicated. Simple exercises like spot jogging, stretching, breathing exercises, or a few simple yoga poses could prepare your body for the intense workout session to follow.

If next time you feel like you don’t have extra 10 minutes to cool down after running, think hard about the impact it will have on your body. Those 10 minutes will begin to appear to be precious when you think about how proper warm-up and cool-down exercises can prevent wounds to your body, improve your muscles strength, and help you overcome the post-exercise recuperation period with ease.