A proper training program involves so many things that make up a complete fitness regime. Following a training program includes doing different types of exercises, doing specific number of repetitions, and also adopting a healthy pre and post-workout nutrition. But there is one part that is most important in any workout regime and your entire workout would be called incomplete without it, and that part is “Stretching”. Stretching seems very common and that’s why it is mostly skipped, but it is the most integral part of any training program.

Stretching can be done with or without a personal trainer, but it’s always beneficial to opt for personal trainer in London who can make you stretch with the right technique, so that you get better output from your workouts.

How a Personal Trainer Can Help?

Our whole fitness workout revolves around working with different types of muscles, be it for strengthening or tightening them or building muscle mass. During workout, more blood is supplied to muscles so that they get the required oxygen but when they fall short of oxygen, then lactic acid starts to build up causing muscle soreness and fatigue. This whole process causes muscles fibers to misalign and get tightened, resulting in limited mobility. If not addressed at proper time, this results in muscle injuries in future workout sessions.

To prevent all these issues, a personal trainer in London will give you instructions on right stretching exercises, which will re-align the muscles in your body and improve your range of mobility. This in turn will reduce your injury risks and even strengthen your muscles.

Personal trainer will guide you stretch through a series of exercises before and after your workout to re-align your muscles and combat muscle fatigue and soreness. You need to hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds, so that negative feedback mechanism in your brain starts and muscles get re-aligned in that time. All this will help to reduce soreness in muscles, consequently minimizing the risk of injury or pain.

Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer for Stretching

  • Better Flexibility – Regular stretching done under the supervision of a trainer helps reduce muscle stiffness, thereby improving your range of motion and flexibility. A flexible muscle is less prone to injuries by a sudden move and improves your balance also.
  • Relieves Post-Workout Aches and Pain – If we don’t include stretching in our workout regime, then over a period of time our muscle will get shortened. To prevent this muscle issue, stretching is a must, as it helps to keep the muscles loose and reduces the shortening and tightening effect on muscles after workout that causes aches and pain.
  • Improves Posture – Stretching with the help of a personal trainer in London benefits you, as all the muscles surrounding spinal cord, muscles of lower back and shoulders get re-aligned and this improves your overall posture.
  • Promotes Circulation and Relaxation – When muscles get tensed due to chronic stress, blood circulation to them is hindered and they don’t receive proper nutrients and oxygen supply, resulting in exhausted muscles. Stretching increases blood supply and oxygen to tense muscles, thereby promoting circulation throughout the body to relax muscles.

All these details will surely make you realize that stretching is not something to be ignored. In fact, it is the most crucial part of a fitness regime. Hiring a personal trainer for stretching will help you learn all techniques in safe and healthy manner with proper precautions.