A new trend that is creating fervour in the market is of hiring a personal trainer. Especially after the pandemic, people have become more concerned about their health. Though gyms and fitness centre continue to mushroom around, it is the assistance of a personal trainer that is going to give you fast and effective results.

The word “cardiovascular strength” basically means how well your body performs during extended period of exercise. It is measured by examining how capable is body to take in oxygen and utilize it efficiently. It is an index for overall physical health of a person as it tells us about working of lungs, heart and muscles during moderate to high-intensity exercises.

During exercise your muscles need oxygen and other nutrients to perform well. If they don’t get sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients, muscles get fatigue. Person having high cardiovascular endurance can perform exercises for long duration of time without getting tired. Therefore, if someone is trying to lose weight, then he/she must focus on improving their cardiovascular endurance.

Role of a Personal Trainer

If you want to improve your cardiovascular endurance, then you need to hire a personal trainer. Personal trainers are expert in this segment and they would assess your body’s stamina and strength. Based on it, they will chart out the best exercise program which will improve your cardiovascular endurance such as resistance training, endurance training and high-intensity interval training to help you get the right results.

All these exercises help to build muscular strength and increase body mass index which will ultimately improvise your cardiovascular endurance and burn more calories.

Besides, a personal trainer who is skilled and experienced will also guide you about diet charts and right eating patterns which will be an added advantage along with exercise program. Merely following rigorous exercise is not going to give you the right results; you also need to follow right kind of diet, proper sleep and positive attitude towards life to ensure that you get the best results from your cardiovascular endurance exercises.

Some of the key exercises that your personal trainer might recommend are:

• Burpees
• Jumping jacks
• Circuit training
• Pyramid training

You can do all these exercises yourself also, but having a personal trainer by your side creates a big difference. Personal trainer will help you do the exercise with right technique and method, so that you don’t suffer from muscle tear or injury. He will take you from warm-ups, stretching and then finally making your way to start cardiovascular endurance exercises. Then, follow up with cooling down of body.


So, if your main focus is to improve cardiovascular endurance, then you must hire personal trainer in London and get the best results without hurting your body.

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