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Professional Personal Training in your home

Are you someone who gets scared of the idea of using a gym? The thought of having to exercise with lots of other people around and equipment you have absolutely no idea how to use? Hiring a personal trainer to come to your home is the perfect way to overcome this. You would have no gym membership fees only the payment to the trainer so money is also saved by going down this route. We would bring all the equipment needed to your home and you will be taught how to use it with the guidance of your trainer. A lot of people already own some pieces of equipment, which makes the training easier but even if you own nothing then we have everything that’s needed for a great workout.

All of our trainers have a wide range of mobile equipment that they will bring with them, to make your workouts fun, variable and challenging, including fitballs, boxing mitts and pads, dynabands, medicine balls, handweights, skip ropes and much more.You’ll be surprised how many calories you’ll burn by throwing a few punches with some boxing gloves on. You also don’t have to worry about travelling anywhere or what time you’ll be home, and afterwards you can just jump in the shower, and it’s done.

Home training is becoming more and more popular every day with people wanting to save money on gym memberships. Having a trainer come to your home is time and cost effective plus more comfortable to you. Click here to book your Free Initial Consultation and find out more about our individual services.

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