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Hannah Green

Advanced Personal Trainer 

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I really enjoy working closely with people to achieve their health and fitness goals including weight loss, fitness training, targeted reduction areas, training during and after menopause and improving general strength. Custom plans to suit the individual and their specific goals or needs.


Fitness Instructor Level 2
Personal Trainer Level 3
Nutrition Diploma
3rd Age Woman Peri to Post Menopause


Health and fitness
peri and post menopause
Weight loss
Targeted fitness areas
General strength training and conditioning
Class instructing
Nutritional advice


  • Park
  • Place of work
  • My home gym (preferred)

Personal Trainer Overview

I will never forget the appointment at the doctors when they classed me as obese, I knew I had to do something about it! I have always benefited mentally from doing exercise and have had my own dance school, played hockey and coached for 30 years and even played rugby but I also enjoyed the wrong types of food a bit too much.

Having taught and coached for years I really revel in motivating people achieve new things, excel and enjoying diet and exercise like they never have before.

So if you want to start moving more, eating better and living a happier more empowered life then take the biggest step and get in touch.


As a personal trainer and nutritional adviser Hannah is great, she has really helped me achieve my weight goals that I have tried for many years to do on my own. Her motivation with the physical training got me through what I thought would be the painful bit and the nutritional advice was simple but invaluable. It helped that she made it fun and gave me exercises that I actually enjoyed doing.

Claire and I had never had a personal trainer before and didn’t know what to expect but Hannah made it less nerve wrecking and even enjoyable. The fact that she was happy to train us together was great as we were able to keep each other focused in between sessions. As well as general fitness we wanted to focus on specific areas of our bodies (meno-belly in particular) and she took regular weight and body measurements and kept us on target with what we wanted to achieve. Hannah was fantastic to train with, motivating and realistic in setting goals for us.

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