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Hannah Colling

Advanced Personal Trainer 

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Hannah is an experienced functional fitness trainer and works online with clients to provide them with personalised workouts. She’ll keep you motivated and hold you accountable with your training. Hannah takes all of your personal needs and circumstances into account to provide an affordable service


Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


Functional Fitness


  • Online
  • 1-1 in Newcastle area

Personal Trainer Overview

Hannah’s training style is not your average. She is kind, patient and understanding and has a wealth of knowledge to help you improve yourself physically and mentally.


Name: Taylor Jordan

This year I recently started up CrossFit not really knowing much about it as a whole other than what I’d seen on TV. I joined my local CrossFit gym with some personal goals of leading a healthier lifestyle and getting fitter. Hannah was one of the first PT’s I met at the gym so really for me she was my first impression of everything I’ve come to enjoy so much about CrossFit, she welcomed me with her friendly personality and made me feel as though I’d been a member for years instantly. The first couple of sessions she instructed I could tell she definitely knew her stuff, she was very informative about every little movement, why we do certain things, what they benefit, how to adapt movements etc. This is by far the thing that makes Hannah stand out in my eyes you really feel that after every session, as well as getting a real good workout and you feel great, you come away from the session learning something new every time. I have definitely moved closer to achieving my goals and Hannah has played a big part in that, helping me with motivation in workouts to push myself, but also with the knowledge that I can take away and utilise for my own personal gain. I would highly recommend Hannah as a PT not just for anyone starting new but anyone who enjoys fitness and loves to learn new things. She really does set the standard of how every PT should operate.

Name: L.R

It is great that Hannah is available to answer any questions. I trust Hannah and can tell that she has listened to what I want to achieve. I love her positive vibe and the inspirational thoughts she has shared with us, these are the little things that can really make you think about little goals like getting your steps in. P

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