Flabby arms or arm fat is a trouble zone for many. Despite having a carved body, many people face the issue of fatty arms. To achieve well-sculpted arms, it is not merely limited to following the right exercise set but also following right diet with your regular exercising. In this blog, we have carefully curated some basic diet tips recommended by personal trainers.

The right diet to get strong arms:

Protein intake– You must include high-protein in your diet. Make sure that you consume protein rich breakfast to boost up your metabolism which will burn more calories and protein will also reduce your hunger craving. Many people make a mistake of consuming only proteins which is not good, make sure that your meals are well balanced.

Cut down on artificial sugar– There is a major misconception around sugar. People think that any kind of sugar in take leads to weight gain as it increases the calorie count. But what people miss here is, that artificial or processed sugar contributes to weight gain and not naturally available sugar. Avoid soda cans, fruit juice cans or bottled juices, instead opt for fresh fruit or vegetable juice as this will help you in take natural sugar which is very less in quantity. Avoid white sugar for tea or coffee, instead use unprocessed jaggery.

Midnight snacks– Many times while we sit down to watch TV or having a movie night with our friends or family, we always want something to munch and drink. The famous choices are chips, pizza, fries, sodas etc. if you want to lose that stubborn fat from your arms be careful of what you eat because after the movie you are going to straight away go to bed and this will not give your body the required time to process these foods and also they have added salt and sugar which is again not good.

The right exercise– Here are some basic exercises that you can do anytime anywhere and do not require any special setting or equipment

Push ups: This is one of the simplest exercise to tone up your arm, increase the strength in your arms and shoulder. You can do it on the floor and against a wall too. Just placed your palms flat on the floor or wall and push yourself away and then come back. Keep doing this for 10-15 counts for 3 sets.

Scissors: Another easy exercise for you. Stand with your legs comfortably apart raise your hands on the side to shoulder length then bring your hands in front of your as if your hands are blades of scissors overlapping each other and then take back to the starting position.


These are some of the tips that you can start working on to achieve the body of your dreams. Always remember everybody is different what may suit the other person may not suit your body, hence always take assistance of a Personal trainer in London to help you make a customized diet plan and exercise regime as per the needs of your body.

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