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Edgars Krikis

Advanced Personal Trainer 

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I am from Latvia and have been living in the UK for the last 5 years. My passion for sports was alive from the age I remember myself. However, in the fitness industry, I am active 8 years. My purpose in this life is to improve people’s life physically and mentally through experience I have gained.


IAO Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training


Weight loss & gain
Muscle growth
Personal Development
Individual & group training


Anywhere by clients choice

Personal Trainer Overview

I am passionate about my work and I really value the process of it. I believe everyone deserves good health and a sense of positive emotions and happiness day in and day out. However, for a lot of people that sounds like a fairytale. But I know it’s possible to achieve that state of mind.

First of all, health is a vital part of it. And in most cases, we are in complete control of it. Physical and mental health goes hand to hand. One can widely impact another. My task is to combine them in one blessed union. That’s why I use different motivation techniques united with the most effective exercises and methods related to a specific goal.


Eddie is giving his energy as much as I can possibly wish. It makes training with him so easy and enjoyable. In addition to everything, goals are achieved as well. 🙂

Edgars is always prepared for every session. He mixes things up and that really makes training very exciting. He also helped me a lot with depression and self-doubt. I definitely recommend him!

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