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Dean Burt

Advanced Personal Trainer 

My name is Dean and I have been a qualified personal trainer since 2019. My love of fitness has always been a part of my life. So it made total sense to turn my passion for fitness training into a qualification. I have helped many clients to redefine themselves through health & fitness training.


Level 3 personal trainer


Weight Loss/ Management Personal Training.
Toning & Sculpting Personal Training.
Resistance Training Personal Training.
Muscle Building Personal Training.
Mobility / Flexibility Personal Training.
Personal Training for Speed, Strength, Power Development
Nutritional Advice & coaching.


Can train you in homes, place of work or parks in Stratford, Canning Town, ilford, Leyton, Leytonstone, Eastham, Forest Gate, Wanstead, Greenwich, Hackneywich, Hackney, Barking

Personal Trainer Overview

working out with me means my clients meet their goals & even surpass their original goals. Seeing them exceed health & fitness their goals is why I do what I do. As a personal trainer my aim is to guide my clients to a better and healthier lifestyle and to help you achieve your goals.


Name: Fizzy Noor

“When I started personal training sessions with Dean, I was probably the least
disciplined person I knew – that’s why I had to find a personal trainer instead of just going to the gym myself! In our first week, I could barely do 8 bodyweight squats, I lacked
coordination for most of the movements Dean was making me do, I lacked confidence, and
most of all, I lacked focus. I hated working out and came late to almost every session for the simple fact that I didn’t want to exercise. I’ve been working with Dean for a month now, and with his expert guidance and motivational mentorship, my whole mindset towards exercise has changed. I feel confident and so much more focused in our sessions – and I can even do 30 weighted squats now!

Our sessions are fun, Dean is friendly and engaging, and as a female client, I appreciate
that he is respectful and keeps things strictly professional! My workouts with Dean are much more focused in our sessions and I can even do 30 weighted squats now!.”

Name: Kathryn Gilliford

“Dean is a brilliant personal
trainer. He listens carefully to what my fitness goals are and tailors fun workouts to them.
I’ve learned a lot about different workout methods, and I feel a lot stronger and fitter
after a couple of months working with him. If you’re looking to push yourself a bit or change up your existing workout, I highly recommend

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