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Stonemasons Fitness mission is to change people’s lives for the better to educate clients about diet, exercise, and keeping a healthy lifestyle while motivating them to make the most of their abilities to reach their goals.


CYQ level 2 + 3
Level 4 Lower back Pain
British military fitness Instructor


Advanced boxercise
Group Boxercise
Postural Coach
Anxiety Coach
Core foundation work
weight lose


Droitwich Gym

Personal Trainer Overview

My unique Experience with training starts back at the age of 11, where I started boxing for Worcestershire city A.B.C, until the age of 16 where I experienced life in the royal marines. On top of this I was schoolboy champion for 3 years playing singles badminton, and went onto win a championship for amateur singles at the N.I.A in Birmingham in 2008.

I am a qualified Level 2 fitness instructor, an advanced level 3 personal trainer, Boxercise and Kick-boxercise instructor, and a Specialist level 4 in lower back pain management. As a dedicated personal trainer, I focus on the areas that you want to improve on from weight and fat loss to specific sports training, we build the programme around you.

I promote organic fitness training in an environment in which you are most comfortable, be that a work out at home or making the best of the beautiful Worcestershire countryside. I have a broad spectrum of clients both male and female ranging from a 10 year old boy at a local childrens home where I train two groups of children to an 72 year old female. I pride myself on the diverse nature in which I train my clients ranging from intense cross fit style workouts to yoga, tailoring each workout to the clients individual needs.


I am 26 years old and my journey towards losing weight has been a very rough journey. I have tackled a lot of exercises and I have seen results but yet I still struggled to reach my goal. When I started losing weight I was at 226lbs which is about 103 kg. Spending four days weekly doing exercises and struggling to eat right, I managed to have lost 14 kg. That was not enough for me and so I researched and found the most magnificent, adorable and passionate trainer an individual could ever have. His name is Darren Mason.

When I started out with Darren, I was at a 90 kg. My goal was to reach 77-79 kg in four weeks. My main focus for this target weight is to join the British Army, which required me to be at that weight and so I was determined and serious as ever to loose around 11 more kg.

When I started out, I was active at the gym but I did not know how to do many difficult exercises that is required of me. Darren made it all possible for me, since he had the experience. Some of these exercises were very painful yet I managed to get through; lifting weight around 50-60 kg, press ups, biceps, working my triceps, gluteal and many others. Specific exercises were scheduled and the day when I had leg day was the worst, not that I hated it but it was the day when I had to use my legs to burn calories and it hurt but at the end of the day I could see results. Other days I would lift weights to build core muscles, my biceps and triceps, and other days would include Spartan workout, where we would actually do the exercises that the same men in the Spartan movie would do. I am telling you; the first day I did that exercise, was very painful I could not walk for the next day but mange to recover on day 2. Playing squash was another day, and this for me was the most exciting day ever, the only negative to this day, which turned out positive in the end was doing various exercises when I lost the games we played; exercises like suicide burpees, mountain climbers and many others. This was fun for me, because we communicated and understand each other and he is a very good trainer.

Running on the treadmill was another eye opener, bringing the gradient on the machine to level 10 at a speed of between 5.0 and 6.5 for 20 mins, that was really sweaty and I could feel my legs burning.

Before we went ahead and train he set up a program for me and after week 1, giving my body a shock I struggled and manage to have lost around 2-4 kg. I also got 2 diet planned out for me but I chose the crash diet because I wanted to lose weight fast which I followed but honestly, the most difficult time on this diet was on the protein day which was over the weekend, it was very rough not to dive into the chicken and many other food that was prepared at the barbecues I went to. I never gave up and try to control it a bit better in the weeks ahead.

My result at the end of 4wks, is the best result I could only ever imagined. When I actually took pictures of my new lovely body, I couldn’t believe; it was surprising, I knew I was losing weight but I did not really know how I really looked until I saw myself on pictures.

Darren Mason maybe one of the best but to me, he is pleasant, always smiling, makes the exercise looked real easy and he is indeed the best thing that ever happened to me because he has helped me to achieve a great and sexy body, he has motivated me to lift weights I would not do on my own, we had fun playing squash together and most of all he helped me to achieve my goals I desired in the 4 weeks I had. I just want to say thanks very much Darren, my sessions with you have helped me to achieve a lot and I recommend anyone to use your services because you are an inspiration, a motivator, a fighter and a successor towards helping me achieve the results I desired and more importantly gain a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you

Three years ago I moved from central London, where I walked most places and exercised regularly, to a new role in Droitwich where I had to drive everywhere, and long hours meant no time for the gym. In the first year I was jogging occasionally, but gradually put on over a stone in weight. Then disaster stuck and I badly sprained my knee on a run – carrying too far much excess weight! So even more inactivity meant another stone piled on, and I was soon the unfittest I had been for years. A cortisone injection eventually sorted my knee, so I knew I could start to exercise again, but I had lost confidence, was fat and flabby, and didn’t know where to start. Enter Darren!

I found his website and booked an initial appointment, thinking he would never want to take on a wonky-kneed, fat, fifty-something year old, but he was gracious and encouraging and suggested three trial sessions. That was nearly a year ago, and I have seen him two or three times most weeks since! I am two and a half stone lighter, 5 inches have gone from my waist, I am running the Worcester 10k in September, and I feel fitter, stronger and healthier than I have ever done in my life!

Darren is a brilliant personal trainer, who is fab to work with, and to whom I am immensly grateful. Here are a few reasons why:

Every session is different – huge variety, I never know what to expect! He keeps it interesting by varying equipment (which he brings), mixing cardio with stretching and weights and boxing and resistance training …. the list goes on. It’s never boring or repetitive.
Darren is adaptable, so we work in the garden if it’s sunny, in the house if it’s not, sometimes we go out in the park. Once I even found myself running backwards up a hill along a narrow lane in a harness pulling Darren in my wake, praying no cars would come …!
He has pushed me to do things I never thought possible, but always stretches me just beyond where I have been before. He has the knack of knowing where my limits are, and taking me just past them. He is sympathetic and funny when I text him saying I can’t walk the next day, but still works me hard the next session, just focussing on a different muscle group – ouch.
Darren has carefully built up my bad knee – I could do very little with it at the start, now it’s as strong as the other, though I still can’t bend it fully. He is really knowledgeable about what will work, and endlessly patient when I can’t do stuff, helping get through barriers, with a bit of a pull or shove when needed, physically as well as metaphorically!
He has enouraged me in my weight loss, and rejoiced with me when the periodic fat pinching and measuring sessions show shrinkage. Even though I am not a skinny athlete, he never puts me down and always makes me feel great about the effort I’m putting in, even if I fall far short of what I imagine some of his other sporty clients must accomplish.
He is really flexible about time slots, which works brilliantly with my random work schedule. Having a PT at home is such a great way to fit exercise in to a full life. He is 100% reliable and never late.
When he thought my knee was strong enough to run again, he came with me and gave me the courage to try, just a bit at a time. Now I run between PT sessions, and text him for affirmation when I’ve done a Parkrun PB – he seems to genuinely care and is a great encourager.
When I am exhausted at the end of a particularly tough session, and couldn’t lift another thing because my arms are about to drop off and I can’t even bend over to pick my weights up, he puts them away – very kind.
However, he still makes me do more squats with weights In one hour than a sensible human being should ever contemplate, and somehow gets away with it ….
I would recommend Darren to anyone. He has certainly enabled me to be healthier and fitter, and we’ve had a lot of fun along the way. I just hope he’ll put up with me for another year.

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