5 Exercises that Help to Strengthen your Back

Back pains are very common, and there can be several reasons for this, right from poor posture too long sitting hours. To overcome the back pain you must do back exercises as they help strengthening the back, but it also helps alleviate the pain. Here, we will highlight the five key exercises that will help strengthen your back.

Five exercises to follow:

  1. Bridges- This is a simple exercise that works on the gluteus maximus. It is a large muscle of the body, and this exercise strengthens this muscle and helps in reducing the back pain issue. Lie on the ground, bend the knees and keep the feet apart. Feet must be approximately a hip-width apart. Keep your arms on the side and push the hip upward. Be in this position for a few seconds and then lie back.
  2. Cat stretches- To release the back’s tension and stress, you can follow cat stretches. You can do this 3-5 times a day. To start this exercise, you need to get on to the hands and knees, and the knees must be a hip-width apart. Now arch back and pull the belly button up towards the spine. Now relax the muscles, let the abdomen sag towards the floor, and return to the same position.
  3. Seated back rotational stretch- Since most of the time we are sitting and working, our lower back is under a lot of pressure. This is a simple exercise which you can do while sitting on the chair; you can sit in the office, or in a park or even at home. All you need to do is to keep your hands at the back of your head, and twist the core at the right while keeping the spine tall and hips square, and now repeat it in the other direction. Do this 3-5 times a day.
  4. Supermans- This is yet again a good exercise for strengthening your back. For this you need to lie down you’re your face towards the ground. Now stretch the arms in front of the body and keep the legs stretched. Now raise both the hands and feet and aim to create a gap of 6 inches from the ground. Try to pull in the belly button to strengthen the core.
  5. Partial curls- Strong abdominal muscles are important for a stronger spine. You can do partial curls to help you in this. Lie back on the ground and ned the knees. Keep your feet a hip-width apart. Now cross the hands over the chest, and breathe in deeply. While breathing, out you must put pressure on abdominal muscles by pulling in the stomach. Now gently raise the head and shoulders 2 inches off the ground, keeping the neck in line with the spine.

These are a basic set of exercise that is going to help you have a stronger back. For further more details about “personal trainer in London” you can please visit here.

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Why should you Continue to Stay Fit and Healthy as you get Older?

You are as young as you believe about yourself. Well, if you really wish to make this come true, it is important that you must emphasize on staying fit and healthy even when you are approaching the aging. While at a younger age, one tends to follow an exercise and fitness regime, but it has been seen that as people age, they leave their regular exercise routines. Now, there can be several reasons for this, like age factor, lethargy, joint pain, and other issues. No matter what, nothing should certainly stop you from staying fit and healthy. There are many ways by which you can manage to stay fit and healthy in your older age also. Some people stick to regular exercise routine, while others follow a healthier diet pattern. You can also follow the one that suits you or you can combine both as well to achieve better results. To help you out, we have got a few tips that can guide you stay healthy and fit in your older years.

Staying fit and healthy while getting old:

  1. Prepare a time-table- The first tip that we have for you is to prepare a time-table for yourself. You should not be sitting idle the entire day. Start your day with a walk or jogging, or you can also go for cycling; whatever is easy for you or pleases you should be the first thing that you do at the start of the day. Follow this with your regular routine like breakfast, visiting a park, or your hobby. What we want to convey here is that you must follow a routine that keeps you busy. This will help you feel energized and also ensure that you are engaged in some form of activity. This also helps to make you feel much satisfied and provides you a sort of reinforcement to live meaningful older years of life.
  2. Don’t stop exercising- Exercising has no age limit. Even if you are getting older, and you may not feel the need to get into a rigorous form of exercising, you must not miss doing some form of workouts. This can be a brisk walk or jogging, or you can also use a treadmill for ease. Some form of flexibility and mobility exercises is a must for old age people as it helps in overcoming the development of joint pains which is very common.
  3. Good sleep- In addition to regular exercising, you must not miss your sleep cycle. You must sleep well and have a quality sleep to ensure good health. Having eight hours of quality sound sleep helps to rejuvenate the body and relaxes the tensed muscles.
  4. Eating well- Another piece of advice that is going to keep you healthy as you grow old is that you must take care of your diet. Healthier eating options and no alcohol and cigarette is a must for good health and healthier life.

With these basic tips, you can remain fit and healthy as you age. Remember one thing that aging is natural process, it is bound to happen. But how you want to age, it depends on what habits you inculcate in your life. So, include these good and positive habits and embrace the aging process gracefully.

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Best Exercises for New Mums

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase, but post-delivery, the body undergoes many changes and no matter how to fit one is, it is essential to take care of the body during and after pregnancy. After childbirth, the body is still recovering, and one needs to be gentle with themselves. Every new mom would love to get back in shape after delivery.

The female body undergoes lots of stress and changes during pregnancy. Those abdominal muscles get stretched and pushed aside to make space for the growing baby within the uterus. The pelvic floor muscles and organs too are stretched and strained. However, your body needs those muscles to go back in shape to function properly. Your doctor would recommend you the right time to start exercising. There are some specific exercises, especially for the new moms. These exercises don’t put a lot of stress on the body while being equally effective.

Exercises for new moms:

• Do Yoga and meditation – This is the best form of exercise for new mums as it is aspiring and relaxing. Those Yogic exercises are slow and gentle on the body, and one can exercise for a duration that meets their needs. One can try different poses and experiment as they get stronger.

• Pelvic tilt- The pelvic tilt exercises are a great way to tighten the abdominal muscles and get them in shape. Just lie on your back and keep the knees and feet on the floor. With the lower back flat on the ground, just roll your pelvis back and feel the pelvic floor lift. Completely relax the abdominal muscles and breathe in and out gently.

• Bridges – Keep your feet planted on the ground and the knees bent. Start in the supine position and lift the hips with shoulders on the ground. Drive through the heels and hold the position. Lower the hips, and you can do a couple of reps for this exercise that works on your glutes, core, and hamstring.

• Wall Plank Rotations – Stand against the wall with your feet planted a little away from the wall. Rest your forearms against the wall and rotate your body out to make a side-plank position. Hold for two counts before starting again, and you can alternate and repeat reps on each side.

Concluding thoughts

Before you jump into a fitness routine, make sure that you consult your doctor. Typically, it is recommended to wait six to eight weeks after birth. In some cases, the doctors may not suggest any exercise due to complications during pregnancy. Do not get frustrated if it takes some time to get back into working out. You need to be mentally and physically well prepared to start working out on your body. Temper your expectations as your body is a lot different now as to what it was before childbirth.

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Why Choose To Workout At Home?

Maintaining a decent level of fitness is very crucial in this era. Since most of the work-related concerns of modern-day people are mainly dependent on technology, exercising and being fit becomes very complicated. Moreover, people today do not find it fit to join gyms and other training institutes to work on their fitness goals as it may take up a lot of time from their already busy schedule.

So, to remain fit and healthy, people are looking forward to accepting new norms, and as a result, working out at home is becoming a relatively acceptable concept. And this has also led to the rise in the demand for a personal trainer who can come home and help in an effective fitness regime. Although other physical activities like walking or jogging may seem fit for some people, working out in your home under professional supervision can effectively fetch you great results if done appropriately.

What Are The Advantages Of Working Out At Home?

The goal is to remain fit and active to withstand severe physical conditions and stay healthy. Thus, it is highly recommended to start working out in your home to achieve the results you long for.

Here are some advantages of working out at your home, which may be fruitful and beneficial.

You Save A Lot On The Gym Fees

It is a truth that gym fees are way too expensive for some people. It gets complicated to balance physical exercises done in gyms and the professional life that one pursues. As such, we are spending such large sums of money on a gym membership is not a very feasible option for many.

However, if you work out in your home, you get to save quite a lot of essential revenue, which could be used in other aspects of life.

It Is Convenient, And You Get To Save Valuable Time

Although it is better to dedicate an appropriate time for exercising and indulging in physical activities. However, working out in your home gives you the freedom to exercise at any time you want. Thus, if you have a busy schedule on a particular day, you can always adjust your workout regime accordingly.

You Can Have More Concentrated Sessions

Now that you are on your own, you can follow any workout program that suits your purpose without needing to compromise and wait in the queue for gym equipment. Thus, you can have practical workout sessions that will not eat your time.

Start Your Home Work Out Regime Today

I’m sure these benefits are enough to motivate you to start exercising. Exercising gets more comfortable by the day if you are regular and persistent. Thus, it is recommended to start your regime today and see visible results in the days to come.

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