To exercise regularly and stay fit, motivation is very important. Waking up early or hitting the gym after office hours without motivation is impossible. But, the truth is motivation seems very difficult in this case. Every day or every moment, the mind comes up with new excuses to skip the workout regime and stay relaxed at home.

Do you know why it happens? It’s because many people believe that exercise must be awful to be effective. They will have hurt themselves to stay fit and look good. And thus, they stop before even getting started.

We know it’s difficult to stay motivated to hurt your body. But, you should think about its positive side. If you still cannot take a step forward, consider the following tips to stay motivated.

Record the shift in mood and energy level during a workout session
You are ready to exercise but then you feel lazy and think of skipping the day. And thus, you start moving towards your home. This shows you are not motivated to exercise.

To avoid this condition, you should capture your mood shifts and energy levels. Before you begin, record a very short statement on your smartphone, describing how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. You should do the same immediately after exercise.

Recording won’t be effective. You should listen to these recordings right after each other. And, you should use this for a few workouts in a row so that the effect is impactful.

This technique might take time but will certainly work. After you listen to the recordings a few times, you will teach your brain to chase the reward of feeling better after exercise. With this, you will create a behavioral loop and your brain will be accustomed accordingly.

Pick your exercise intensity level
The intensity of exercise is something people are fearful about. They think their bodies will not take that much pressure and thus, they will fail. This mostly happens with beginners because they don’t know much about exercise intensity. According to them, only a high-intensity workout gives results.

The intensity of the exercise is important but only if your body is ready. So, you should choose your exercise intensity level.

As it’s about motivation, you should choose an intensity that you find most agreeable. This will ensure your participation and you will get good results. If you are unable to decide, you should exercise at varying intensity levels. A workout schedule with lots of relaxing stages will keep you motivated. If it includes high-intensity exercises daily, you will not feel like doing it.

Hire a personal trainer
Nothing can be better than working with a personal trainer in Surrey to stay motivated. With a personal trainer, you don’t have to do anything. Everything will happen automatically. You don’t have to train your mind to exercise regularly.

A Personal Trainer SurreyPersonal Trainer Surre personalizes the training schedule as the client’s requirements and other considerations. It means if your body is not willing to do it, the personal trainer will not include that in the routine. Or, the trainer will fit that thing in the schedule in such a way that you will not get to know it.

Your body will not be under pressure if you work with a personal trainer.

Why you Should keep Hydrated in the Summer Months?

Due to our busy and hectic schedule, we often forget to maintain our diet, and many of us tend to skip drinking water. According to several studies, it has been proven that an average adult needs about 2.7L to 3.7L water daily for normalizing all metabolic activities and maintaining osmoregulation. However, it is observed that the human body is not receiving this amount of water daily because of lifestyles and other reasons.

Moreover, during the summers, the amount of water lost via sweat is high, which further reduces the total water content in the body. This can generate several implications, which is why everyone needs to stay hydrated during summers, especially those exposed to the sun’s heat for most of the day.

The following article will discuss how taking proper water during the summer can keep you healthy and prevent several health problems.

Why keeping hydrated is important?

It helps in Maintaining the Body Temperature

The usual body temperature of humans ranges between 98.6°F to 99.8°F, resulting from the heat produced during the respiration process. Unless your body has enough water, the heat produced won’t get distributed evenly throughout, and hence your temperature won’t be within the normal range. Therefore, people who work out regularly or work outside or spend more time under the sun need to drink more water. If you have hired a personal trainer in Surrey, they will suggest the right quantity of water that is a must for you during the summer season.

Maintains the Blood Volume

The plasma is made of water and other dissolved proteins. If your body is not receiving the proper amount of water, the plasma volume won’t be maintained, which can have serious implications on your cardiovascular health. That’s why doctors always suggest keeping the water intake between 4 Liters to 6 Liters daily to regulate the plasma volume and maintain cardiovascular health.

Regulates the Osmoregulation Process

Osmoregulation is the process by which the water and the body’s ionic balance is maintained. If your body doesn’t receive proper water every day, it can hamper your body’s osmotic level, directly affecting the cells and behaviour. Hence, to refill the amount of water lost due to excessive sweating during summer, you need to drink more water and stay hydrated.

Improves Digestion and Nutrient Absorption

Often, your personal trainer or doctor will suggest increasing your daily water intake to not suffer from digestive problems. This is because water plays an important role in producing enzymes, acting as a solvent for the nutrients during the absorption process and even distributing the heat generated during digestion. Hence staying hydrated during the summers will avoid indigestion, bloating, and other such digestive problems.


No matter how hectic your lifestyle is or what kind of diet you are following, drinking water in the recommended quantity is essential. This amount depends on your body weight, height, age, lifestyle, and occupation. Usually, nutritionists or fitness trainers provide a diet chart where the water amount is mentioned clearly and highlighted to stay hydrated in the summer season.

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The Benefits of Training with a Group of People

Being fit and active is good for your health and has also become the need of the hours. For eons, people have extolled the importance of fitness and good health, but many of us still tend to procrastinate the idea of fitness. One of the key reasons for this is that we start finding the fitness activity monotonous and boring. Well, if you too are one of the same, then we have a way out. Why don’t you try training with a group of your friends? This will not only make your fitness training a fun activity but will also motivate you during your workouts.

Nowadays, you have the option of hiring a personal trainer, and your trainer can come to your place and train your group. This way, you can also save money and reap the benefits of professional fitness training. There are several other benefits of group training, and we are going to highlight the same in this blog.

Benefits of group fitness training:

Keeps You Motivated

It is always good to have a bunch of positive and goal-driven people around you. Your fitness class becomes much more empowering when you have an encouraging coach, and a group of supportive people around will push you to follow your fitness regime. Apart from your trainer, your friends will motivate your during the training and you can achieve your fitness goals faster.


Fitness is not a day’s affair; one has to work consistently to achieve the goal. While we start with enthusiasm, this excitement and enthusiasm must be regular. To ensure this, one has to follow the exercise regime regularly. Going to the gym is a great move, but one has to follow it consistently. After a certain period of time, going to the gym becomes a monotonous act, because you will get bored by doing the same weight lifting exercises. You can hire a trainer and train along with your group, and it becomes a fun-filled activity. Not only do they keep you motivated, but they also help you stick to your regime. You will never miss your training schedule because you know that your friends are waiting for you.

Workout at your Favourite Place

Having encouraging personal training session, which can reach your place and train you is a good way to drive yourself to become fit, and having your group of friends added to this, makes it a time-worthy affair. Also, you can choose any outdoor location like, when you are training with park or beach, where you can not only feel the fresh air but also get to work out in a beautiful ambience. Your personal trainer can conduct some group activity at outdoor.


Your friends and the instructor will always guide you and help you become more motivated to achieve your fitness goal. Even, if you feel discouraged, your friends are going to support you and motivate you to get back on track.

Concluding thoughts

With this set of benefits exercising with a group becomes a key factor that drives you towards your fitness goal. You will always stay motivated and well-driven, and soon you can see transforming results.

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The Importance of Keeping Yourself Hydrated When Training In The Hot Weather

Water is one of the most fundamental elements that contribute to living. In extreme situations, the human body can survive only a week without water. As the body is made up of 75% of water, its depletion brings about severe consequences. That is why it is advisable to consume a minimum of 8 glasses or 2 liters of water per day.

Talking about workout or training, hydration is essential for that as well. If fact, it is needed even more when you train amidst hot weather. In the humid and hot environment, the body tends to lose more fluids in the form of sweat.

The importance of keeping yourself hydrated while training in the summer is immense. It is vital to note that when you exercise, the body produces sweat to remove heat and revert to the optimal temperature.
However, if the loss of fluids is not replaced with fluids while exercising, it can harm health. It can cause heat stress and interfere with the efficient functioning of the body. To ensure that your body functions well, one must drink fluids while sweating.

You can ask your Personal Trainer to know how dehydration can lead to several health hazards. These include headaches, mood changes, fatigue, cracked lips, weakness, hallucinations, muscle cramps, confusion, etc. If not rehydrated in time, it can affect the mental and physical performance.

Advantages of Being Hydrated

There are numerous benefits that you can attain from hydration. These include –

  • Increases Energy: Being hydrated can increase the energy level and improves movement. It also assists in attaining mental clarity while training.
  • Maintains Thermoregulation/ State of Equilibrium: Hydration helps in enhancing thermoregulation i.e. maintaining the internal temperature of the body. This helps in preventing heat exhaustion, cramps, heat stroke, etc.
  • Reduces Risk of Injury: When your body is hydrated it functions well and reduces the chances of injuries.
  • Improves Muscle Function: It is essential to note that hydrated muscles fare better than dehydrated ones.
  • Enhances Blood Circulation: Hydration assists in the improved circulation of blood in the body. Moreover, it also aids in the efficient oxygen delivery and nutrients to the muscles.
  • Regulates of Blood Pressure: Staying hydrated aids in the maintenance of blood pressure while exercising.
  • Removes Metabolic Waste: Staying hydrated helps to remove metabolic waste from muscles and makes up for the water lost in the form of sweat.

Can hydration lead to a reduction in injury risk?

It is true that dehydration can lead to muscle fatigue which can then enhance the chances of injury. Thus, staying hydrated can lead to reduced injury risk.

In essence, hydration plays a major role in ensuring that the training goes smoothly during the hot summer. The personal trainer London can offer valuable tips like consuming water and sports drinks to ensure hydration.

Get rid of Flabby Arms: Diet Tips and Exercises

Flabby arms or arm fat is a trouble zone for many. Despite having a carved body, many people face the issue of fatty arms. To achieve well-sculpted arms, it is not merely limited to following the right exercise set but also following right diet with your regular exercising. In this blog, we have carefully curated some basic diet tips recommended by personal trainers.

The right diet to get strong arms:

Protein intake– You must include high-protein in your diet. Make sure that you consume protein rich breakfast to boost up your metabolism which will burn more calories and protein will also reduce your hunger craving. Many people make a mistake of consuming only proteins which is not good, make sure that your meals are well balanced.

Cut down on artificial sugar– There is a major misconception around sugar. People think that any kind of sugar in take leads to weight gain as it increases the calorie count. But what people miss here is, that artificial or processed sugar contributes to weight gain and not naturally available sugar. Avoid soda cans, fruit juice cans or bottled juices, instead opt for fresh fruit or vegetable juice as this will help you in take natural sugar which is very less in quantity. Avoid white sugar for tea or coffee, instead use unprocessed jaggery.

Midnight snacks– Many times while we sit down to watch TV or having a movie night with our friends or family, we always want something to munch and drink. The famous choices are chips, pizza, fries, sodas etc. if you want to lose that stubborn fat from your arms be careful of what you eat because after the movie you are going to straight away go to bed and this will not give your body the required time to process these foods and also they have added salt and sugar which is again not good.

The right exercise– Here are some basic exercises that you can do anytime anywhere and do not require any special setting or equipment

Push ups: This is one of the simplest exercise to tone up your arm, increase the strength in your arms and shoulder. You can do it on the floor and against a wall too. Just placed your palms flat on the floor or wall and push yourself away and then come back. Keep doing this for 10-15 counts for 3 sets.

Scissors: Another easy exercise for you. Stand with your legs comfortably apart raise your hands on the side to shoulder length then bring your hands in front of your as if your hands are blades of scissors overlapping each other and then take back to the starting position.


These are some of the tips that you can start working on to achieve the body of your dreams. Always remember everybody is different what may suit the other person may not suit your body, hence always take assistance of a Personal trainer in London to help you make a customized diet plan and exercise regime as per the needs of your body.

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Top Tips To Help Maintain A Well Balanced Diet

It is essential to have a balanced diet full of vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber. Having a balanced diet does not mean cutting down the food intake. It means to have all the nutrients in the right proportion to maintain good health. The diet should be such that it helps to enjoy positive health benefits like staying energetic and preventing diseases. Moreover, it is not difficult to maintain a well-balanced diet following some tips discussed here.

Have Proper Meals – Having proper meals is the key to maintain a well-balanced diet. The meals should consist of vegetables for the dietary fibers and micronutrients, meats and fish or cereals and pulses for proteins and rice, and some carbohydrates rich foods too.

Never Skip Food – Many people believe that skipping meals or eating small meals or being on a diet can keep the body healthy and help lose weight. Doing so can deprive the body of the required nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and calories. It cuts down the energy levels and overall wellbeing of the health. If you want to eat healthy for weight loss, then you must ask your personal trainer for a personalized diet plan for you.

Select Your Drinks Properly – Be judicious in selecting the drinks. Colas and many other beverages are not at all good for health. They are usually high in calories. On the other hand, drinking a lot of water is good for health as it keeps the body hydrated and helps in the digestive processes.

Avoid Junk Food – As we all know, junk foods are not good for health. So, avoid them as much as possible or eat in moderation occasionally. Junk foods can kill hunger, but they are not a good source of nutrition.

Include Fruits In Your Diet – Fruits are one of the key sources of nutrition and help to maintain a balanced diet. You ask your personal trainer in Nottingham, and they will always recommend including fruits and salads in your diet. Also, eating fruits are considered better than drinking packaged juices. One gets dietary fibers from eating fresh fruits.

A well-balanced diet is always recommended to maintain good health and stay fit. Nature has given us enough resources to enjoy a well-balanced diet, and one should always have them rather than having supplements unless needed. Eat healthy, maintain a proper diet, and stay fit.

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