Regular workout can release good hormones in your body and it also hits your brain to remove all your stress and anxiety. But there are many reasons for which many people hate going to a gym. The congested space, stale air, staring eyes, and monotonous atmosphere of the gym are some of them. But does that mean that you cannot exercise to achieve your fitness goals? Of course not.

If you don’t like hitting the gym every day, then you have another option to go for outdoor workouts. Just spend half an hour per day on your outdoor workouts, and you will definitely see some difference without facing a gym. However, it’s best to hire a personal trainer who can make an exercise program for you, depending on your fitness goals and needs, and make sure that you are doing it right.

Here you can find some outdoor workouts that can be done safely under the supervision of a personal trainer.

  • Boot Camp Activities: You can hire a personal trainer for boot camp classes. For this, you can choose a nearby playground where monkey bars, benches, climbing walls and balance beams for your size are available. You can use such tools for your workout for free. Your personal trainer will add some real challenges in these classes, that will really be fun to overcome. You can also add some friends or neighbors to go for some group activities. Throw challenges at each other, and you can build confidence in overcoming other obstacles in life too. Even, you can also use the baseball ground of your nearby park for your workout.
  • Batting Cages: You can visit a batting cage in your locality and swing the bat for some time. It will be a great exercise to reduce fat from your upper body, legs and abs. Start with a softball, and move up to a hard ball to make it an even harder exercise. Once you build the muscle, you can go for the further level to tone them up and get the perfect shape.
  • Jump Rope: You must have seen your child jumping rope in the garden or terrace. This is one of the best and hardest types of exercises you can also try as an adult. Jumping rope is the most effective workout that can reduce your overall body weight and help you build muscle and strength. The best thing is that you don’t need any massive equipment for it. You can carry your jump rope even in your hand bag.
  • Play with Kids: You can also play cricket, football or basketball with your kids, friends and family and stay fit and healthy in an enjoyable way. Join a swimming club in your locality. If you don’t know swimming, join a club to learn it. By doing this, you will not only do a good exercise to increase fitness, but also hone a life skill. Even if your kids don’t play a sport, just go to the park with them and run after them. By doing this, you will not only get some good exercise, but also create a bond with your children.
  • Pilates: You can do Pilates anytime in the day, but if you don’t know how to do them right, hire a personal trainer to learn such exercises. You do not need to join a gym for Pilates, as you can just visit your nearby park and lift your legs and stretch your hands to reduce your weight and tone your body.
  • Running and Jogging: You can simply run a few miles around your yard or a nearby park to get some tough exercise. Running or jogging is an effective form of cardiovascular exercise that can improve your blood pressure level, help you lose weight, and build strength. Start by running a few meters first, and as you build strength, increase your distance and speed gradually. Even if you are not fit to run or jog, just take a walk to build fitness levels and gradually move your way up.

Whichever outdoor workouts you choose to do, it’s advisable not to try any of them without proper supervision, because wrong movement of body parts can lead to serious injuries. So, hire the best personal trainer in London and do your workouts under their supervision.