The sedentary lifestyle is a result of decades of changes in the way of living. This lifestyle reduces the activities of different muscles of our body as a result of which we saw a lot of people suffering from obesity. Physical fitness is very important for every person especially in these times of pandemic. When the whole world is trapped by a virus, the only thing that can help you to stay fit and healthy is the strength of your body and your immunity. Proper exercises, a balanced diet, intake of adequate amount of water, and a good sleep will help your body to fight against any disease and viruses.

Physical fitness is the only thing that will not only help you to get rid of your unwanted body weight but will also save you from the boredom and mental stress. There are several exercises that you can practice regularly which will help you to reduce your weight and tone your body. Apart from that, you can reduce the stress frm your muscles by doing your workouts under proper supervision of a personal trainer.

What is a toned body?

The body fat often gets accumulated in different parts of our muscles due to various reasons such as low metabolism rate, improper food intake, etc. These fats mostly get accumulated in the hands, hip, and belly muscles. It is very difficult to reduce or shred the body fat from some particular area, and you need to hire a personal trainer in this regard. If you aspire for a toned body then you have to burn all these fats with the help of proper exercises. Along with that, you must maintain a balanced nutritious diet.

People may think that consumption of less food can reduce their body weight faster. But , this is a wrong concept and you need to To get a toned body you need to know the proper exercises from a personal trainer and you must follow have a balanced diet chart. Both these will help to provide proper proteins and nutrients to the body and will help to reduce a lot of calories from different parts of the body.

Benefits of having a toned body

The excessive weight does a lot of harm to the body. Having a toned body and reducing body weight not only decreases the chances of health issues but also helps to boost the morale of a person. Everyone wants to have a perfect body and look beautiful. A toned body has a lot of benefits of its own. Some are:

  • Increases self-confidence– A slim and toned figure always helps you to have more self- confidence. A body that does not have an ache or pain will be more confident than any other. It will increase your flexibility and mobility.
  • Reduces a lot of diseases – A toned body does not have anybody fat accumulated. This improves the health condition, strengthens the muscles and diseases a lot of deadly life-threatening diseases such as heart problems, joint pains, etc.
  • Increases the strength of muscles – For a perfectly toned body, a person has to do rigorous exercises that strengthen the muscles of different parts of the body such as hip, torso, arms, legs, etc.  But, you need to do your workouts under proper supervision of a personal trainer. He or she can prepare a customized workout plan and help you to prevent any kind of injuries.
  • Empowers the mind – A more powerful and energetic body can easily fight with anxiety, depression, and various other mental diseases. So toning a body will help to empower mental health easily.

What are the fitness regimes you have to maintain to have a toned body?

Having a toned body is not an easy task. You need to follow some strict regime that will be set by your trainer. This regime usually restricts you from having oily fast food or any kind of fats. However, there is a common regime that everyone should follow to have a toned figure.

  • You must add green vegetables in your meal. Green vegetables contain a lot of nutritions and fibers that help to make the body healthy.
  • Drink at least 1-2 liters of water daily because water can remove the toxic materials from your body. Plus, you can hydrate your body by taking 2-3L of water per day.
  • Eat high protein and whole-grain food. A balanced diet energizes the body and helps to make you look perfect.
  • Introduce a lot of seasonal fruits, juicy fruits in the diet. Fruits contain fibers that help in digestion.
  • Avoid having caffeine and any addictive things that can reduce the energy of your body. You can practice some breathing exercise to quit smoking and alcohol.
  • Sleep peacefully for at least 7 to 8 hours a day.  A sound sleep can reduce your stress and it is very important for your mental health.

Which exercises are best to tone the upper part of the body?

There are a lot of workouts that will help to get a perfectly toned upper part. However, there are some common exercises that everyone can follow. These exercises help to make your upper part look fit and healthy. Some of the exercises are:

  • Pushups – Pushups are very easy to do and extremely important to strengthen the muscles of the body. It not only helps to strengthen the upper part of the body but also helps to tighten the muscles of our legs. This exercise can tone your body accurately if it is practiced correctly.
  • Dumbbell curls – Another important exercise that easily tones the upper part of the body is by using the dumbbells.
  • Pulling apart the resistance band – using this band you can easily tone the muscles of your arms and back.
  • Stretching – Side stretching is very crucial as the sedentary lifestyle often makes our muscles stiff. Stretching helps to keep our muscles flexible and will also help to remove the pain from the arms and back portion of the body.

A perfectly toned body has a lot more self-esteem and self-confidence that can be easily observed in the body movement. As you start losing your body weight, you will find changes in your body pattern easily. However, maintaining this body is very important. However, it is strictly said that the exercises must be done under the supervision of a trainer.