We all want to have a perfect butt but many of us are not aware of how we can get a perfectly toned butt/glutes. To Tone your Glutes, you can do some workouts for your lower body part. Read on to know about the best exercises with the help of which you can have perfectly toned glutes.

1. Tight Hip Rotations 

With this exercise, you will have to rotate your hips for toning your glutes. To do this exercise, you will have to lie down on your left side. The head should rest on the left palm. Then bend the knees in a 45 degrees angle. Next, keep a five-pound dumbbell on your right hand. Then slowly lift the right leg and arm towards the ceiling at a 90 degrees angle. You must ensure that the hips must not go backward and the elbows must be pressed to your side. Keep this position for about two counts before you go back to the original position. You can repeat this exercise four to five times in a day.

2. Extra Strength Lunges

With the help of this exercise, you will be able to Tone your Glutes from the glutes to the toes. This amazing stretch will also help in enhancing your balance to a great extent. For doing this exercise, you need to stand straight with your feet together and the hands-on your hips. Then take a lunge forward with the help of your left leg and move the fists up to your chin. Then while staying in this lunge position, jump upwards in a straight manner. Next, switch the legs and land with the right leg in a lunge. You can keep hold your body in this position for few minutes and repeat this exercise three to four times. The front knee must be at an angle of 90 degrees over the ankle.

3. Ballet Lifts

This is a very simple exercise that you can do to Tone your Glutes. This is an effective exercise to burn those extra calories in your body too. For this exercise, you need to stand straight and the feet must be a little wide apart and the toes must be pointed out. In the next step, you need to lift your arms in front and do some squats. This must be done without letting the knees go past the toes. If you have back pain or spinal problems, then you must avoid this exercise.

4. Weighted Squats

This is a powerful exercise to Tone your Glutes. This is a fast workout which enables you to get results without wasting much time. To do this exercise, stand straight and hold two dumbbells of 8 pounds next to the thighs. One must keep their body weight over the heels and squat like they are sitting on a sofa. One must remember to keep the glutes contracted when they go back to the original position. One must also keep their knees behind the toes throughout the exercise.  

5. One-Legged Towel Squats

This is an ideal exercise for those individuals who want to fix the area between the lower part of their hips and the bottom of the glutes. Start the exercise by keeping a folded towel on the ground. Stand straight and put the left leg on the towel. Then shift the weight on your right leg while you push the left leg to slide to the left side with the towel. Give a pause and then come back to the original position. One must not forget to keep the elbows in a bent position and the fists near the chin while doing this exercise. The right knee should be bent at an angle of forty-five degrees and gradually move to 90 degrees angle during the squat. 

These are some of the best exercises that you can do to Tone your Glutes and make them look perfect. But, how would you do such exercises at your home? You can try such exercises by your own, but you can get injured by doing a wrong move. In this case, you can hire a personal trainer. He or she will customize a workout plan according to your lifestyle, and you can avoid any kind of injury by doing your workouts under their supervision.