Are you trying to get toned abs or a six-pack, but you don’t have that much time during the day to go to the gym? Well, not to worry, there are effective stomach exercises that you can do from wherever you are. For most of these exercises, you don’t need any equipment, making them easy for you to do.

1. Standing Cross-Body Crunch

Crunch exercises are one of the most popular and effective because the primary target of the exercise is the muscles in the stomach. This variation of crunch may be advanced for a beginner when it comes to difficulty levels, but it’s all about finding your balance. You begin in a standing position with your legs shoulder-width apart. Place your left hand behind your head and the right hand on your hip, then raise your right leg slightly bending your knee. You want your left hand and your right knee to touch in a diagonal position across your body. Alternate for the other half of your body and do this for about 30 seconds. Do this for 3 sets.

2. Side Plank

This exercise is a variation of the straightforward plank, but a little more advanced because it requires more balance. This exercise engages the muscles in your stomach and also in your arms. Begging by lying on your side, elbow to the floor and underneath your shoulders and your palm flat on the floor. Place your legs on each other, stacking them then lift yourself off the floor. Be sure to form a straight diagonal line, with your upper body and hips off the floor. Hold the position for about 30 seconds then switch to the other side. Do this for about 4 sets while switching sides in between the exercise.

3. Russian Twist

This exercise may sound quite difficult, but it’s not once you find your balance. It is effective and works on the muscles in the sides of your stomach and not just the center. So, this exercise gives you well-trimmed abs and cuts side stomach fat in the process. You begin by sitting on the floor, raising your heels slightly off the floor with your knees a bit bent. Lean back slightly to engage your stomach muscles. You can cross your feet at the ankles to feel more comfortable. Once comfortable, start rotating your upper body, first to the right touching the floor with your fingertips, then to the left touching the floor with your fingertips, quickly alternating between both sides. Do this for 4 sets with a timer of 60 seconds each.

Starting out with these stomach exercises will give you the perfectly toned abs you desire. However, it may take some getting used to when you first begin and can be quite painful around the stomach region. The goal is to consistently do these exercises a few times a week to get fast results. Your diet also plays a huge role in achieving your desired goal, so try and avoid good very high fatty content.