Pregnancy is a beautiful phase, but post-delivery, the body undergoes many changes and no matter how to fit one is, it is essential to take care of the body during and after pregnancy. After childbirth, the body is still recovering, and one needs to be gentle with themselves. Every new mom would love to get back in shape after delivery.

The female body undergoes lots of stress and changes during pregnancy. Those abdominal muscles get stretched and pushed aside to make space for the growing baby within the uterus. The pelvic floor muscles and organs too are stretched and strained. However, your body needs those muscles to go back in shape to function properly. Your doctor would recommend you the right time to start exercising. There are some specific exercises, especially for the new moms. These exercises don’t put a lot of stress on the body while being equally effective.

Exercises for new moms:

• Do Yoga and meditation – This is the best form of exercise for new mums as it is aspiring and relaxing. Those Yogic exercises are slow and gentle on the body, and one can exercise for a duration that meets their needs. One can try different poses and experiment as they get stronger.

• Pelvic tilt- The pelvic tilt exercises are a great way to tighten the abdominal muscles and get them in shape. Just lie on your back and keep the knees and feet on the floor. With the lower back flat on the ground, just roll your pelvis back and feel the pelvic floor lift. Completely relax the abdominal muscles and breathe in and out gently.

• Bridges – Keep your feet planted on the ground and the knees bent. Start in the supine position and lift the hips with shoulders on the ground. Drive through the heels and hold the position. Lower the hips, and you can do a couple of reps for this exercise that works on your glutes, core, and hamstring.

• Wall Plank Rotations – Stand against the wall with your feet planted a little away from the wall. Rest your forearms against the wall and rotate your body out to make a side-plank position. Hold for two counts before starting again, and you can alternate and repeat reps on each side.

Concluding thoughts

Before you jump into a fitness routine, make sure that you consult your doctor. Typically, it is recommended to wait six to eight weeks after birth. In some cases, the doctors may not suggest any exercise due to complications during pregnancy. Do not get frustrated if it takes some time to get back into working out. You need to be mentally and physically well prepared to start working out on your body. Temper your expectations as your body is a lot different now as to what it was before childbirth.

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