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Alexander Ramirez

Advanced Personal Trainer 

Grew up in Miami, always loved sports especially powerlifting.
At 24 I was a boxing sparing partner for a couple professional fighters.
I achieved 2 Silver medals in a international competition for team GB Global Powerlifting Committee.
I live a healthy lifestyle and thrive on helping others.


Level 3 Personal Training


Muscle Gain
Strength training
Cardiovascular Training


Your location (Home) and park.

Personal Trainer Overview

My passion is fitness and my thirst for updating my knowledge for training theory and nutrition.
To be fit or healthy and well state of mind is our goal.
I am committed to giving you 100% of my effort to reach your fitness goals.


Name: Puli Liyanagama

It is my privilege and honour to be able to write a testimonial for Alex Ramirez. He is enthusiastic, motivating, and knowledgeable about fitness. Alex is completely in tune with my goals and pushes me to meet them. His attention to detail and technique has meant that I’ve been able to train without any discomfort. The workout programs he creates are interesting, fun, and diverse. Thanks to Alex, in a fairly short period of time, I have been able to achieve significant gains in fitness.

Name: Matt Stevens

My name is Matt Stevens, I’m 47 years old and I’ve been training with Alex Ramirez for 12 months.

I began training in February 2019. My initial goal was to build strength and reduce body fat, with a medium term goal of preparing myself for a marathon in October. I had had ankle surgery in May 2018 and was nervous about running again.

Alex was very professional from the outset, taking time to explain the plan, how it would protect my able and improve my performance, and how it would change in phases as we approached the marathon date. Once in the program, Alex explained the purpose of each exercise, gave clear direction and demonstration of each, and focused on perfecting technique before increasing weight. I engaged in a range of exercises that I wouldn’t have tried alone, and learned a lot about functional movement and how I needed to build balance across muscle groups to improve my running performance.

Throughout my marathon training I was able to see the difference that Alex’s program was delivering – most notably, my running form improved with more drive and power from the squats, hip thrust, and single leg lunges exercises, as well as core stability.

Alex varied the program to ensure I was on track for a good marathon performance, changing our approach to weights and reps accordingly, and introducing isolation exercises closer to the race date to strengthen specific areas (glutes, quads).

By October I had reduced my body fat percentage from around 22% to 14%, while increasing muscle. In horrendous conditions, I managed to match the marathon time I’d run 14 years earlier, and also shaving 8 minutes off my time from the year before.

I’ve continued working with Alex and his post race program of deloading, then working on a strength building phase more focused on hypertrophy.

Working with Alex has been a pleasure and I’d recommend his services wholeheartedly. I’d be happy to serve as a reference and answer any questions you may have.”

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