Personal Trainer Cheshire

Alexander Brian

Advanced Personal Trainer 

I have been working as a mobile personal trainer for nearly four years now and love doing it. Helping people not just get fitter but improve their lives too. It’s a great job to do and one which is so rewarding.


Level 2 fitness instructor
Level 3 personal training
First aid qualified
Bachelors university degree in sports journalism


Weights training
Boxing work to improve self defence
Cardiovascular training


Based in North West England.
Liverpool and Manchester being the big cities closeby

Peoples homes
Outdoor parks

Personal Trainer Overview

The workouts I do consist of all three areas of cardio, boxing and a full body weights workout. Weights used and time length with boxing and cardio obviously varies from person to person depending on their strength and fitness levels.


Name: Pip from Frodsham

Pip beforehand had broken her arm and stopped training and her husband hadn’t trained for decades so to see both get the results they did was fantastic. I helped trained pip and her husband both twice a week for over a year and both enjoyed greatbresults improving in all areas. Both shown terrific progress and as a result changed their.entire lives for the better. Was great training them and really enjoyed it

Name: Mike from Croft

I helped trained mike again for over a year. Mike had not trained before and was 50 but felt instantly better and more flexible after just a couple of sessions. His strength improved tremendously and overall he feels a different person to the one when he started.

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