A large number of people enroll their name in a nearby gym with great enthusiasm and excitement, but doing the same exercises day after day in the same environment becomes monotonous very soon. Finding time to make going to the gym a regular part of their routine also becomes difficult for busy individuals. Because of these and many other reasons, many people start off great but give up soon. Apart from that, doing workout within a restricted space like gym or a fitness club can create breathing problems and you can also get affected by bacterial infections spread by others.

In this regard, you can hire a personal trainer in London for training outside of your home. Exercising outside can give you a chance to experiment with different types of workouts and your cells receive signals to build additional strength in the muscles. With a personal trainer who can help you workout in any location of your choice, you do not need to face the embarrassment of a gym anymore. You can also schedule your workout sessions according to your convenient time, as per your busy schedule. Moreover, you can add your spouse and children in your workout sessions, and ask the trainer to make an exercise program for your entire family, as per each member’s physical needs.

Benefits of Training Outside of a Gym Under London Personal Trainers:

  1. Fresh Air: Most of the gyms and fitness clubs are air-conditioned, and you cannot get enough fresh air inside the gym. Sun’s rays are the main source of Vitamin-D that has many health benefits, including reducing your depression, mood disorders and anxiety level. Exercising outdoors also helps in releasing endorphins that are responsible for improving mood and making you feel good. Spending time outdoors with your family and friends can remove your mental stress and encourage you to workout in a better way. If you exercise outdoor under a professional trainer, then you can achieve your fitness goals in a pleasurable way.
  2. Improved Mood: Workout inside a gym cannot stimulate your brain, but hiring a personal trainer in London for training outside of the gym can do that. It will stimulate your hormones and brain, and it will also increase your thinking ability. There is no doubt that outdoor activity is great for the mind and people prefer hiking and trekking as a recreational activity to remove stress from their mind. You can combat anxiety and stress by doing your training outside the gym. After the session, you can just remove your shoes and feel the grass on your bare feet, which is a great natural feeling overall.
  3. Personal Fitness Goals: It is true that machines are great for instant muscle stimulation, and you can easily reduce your weight by doing treadmill activities every day. But in a gym or fitness club, you will be restricted with limited machines and you will be dependable on such machines. You cannot feel the urge to do some freehand exercises, which is very harmful for your muscles and tissues. As soon as you stop your gym, you will face several health problems. So, it is better to go for the training outside of a gym under the guidance of your own personal and professional trainer in London. Such trainers are professionally-trained to handle your fitness goals on a personal level. Based on your individual physical needs, they can devise a workout plan for you with the help of new outdoor activities. Even, they can add some fun activities in your workout session to remove your boredom.
  4. Customized Workout Plan: Your trainer can customize your workout sessions according to your body needs. Instead of doing the same old exercises on the gym machines, they can add some yoga, Pilates and bootcamp classes in your session to make them variable, enjoyable and effective. In case of gym, you do not get one-to-one assistance from the trainers, and you are asked to do the same exercises that others are doing. There will be few instructors available who can assist you from time to time, but they are not your personal trainers and they cannot customize your fitness training according to your needs.
  5. No Equipment Needed: You do not need to buy any machine or equipment for your personal training. When you are exercising outdoors, it is not possible to carry your exercise machines every day. So, the trainer will try to keep most of the exercises prop-free. Even if some tools are needed for your workout, the personal trainer will arrange them for you.
  6. Integration with Work Schedule: You can schedule your workout sessions according to your needs, so that you don’t need to skip the workout or compromise with your work.
  7. Diet Plan: Your personal trainer will not only customize and supervise your training session, but he or she can also prepare a diet plan for you as per your individual needs and fitness goals. They will ensure that you are following your exercise plan and diet chart. Whenever you feel bored and de-motivated, they encourage you to stick to your fitness goals and work accordingly.
  8. Group Training: Training outside a gym can give you the comfort of choosing any location, even your own yard or garden for your training. If you like group activity, then you can make a group with your friends, family or neighbors, and choose a nearby park or someone’s terrace for a group training session.
  9. Avoid Injuries: Workout with machines is risky, and wrong exercise can cause serious damage to your muscles and tissues. People may also face problems in their ligaments and joints caused by the exercise machines. Sometimes, the injury is so severe that you have to go for a surgery for relief. So, it is suggested to avoid exercising on gym machines and spend more time with your personal trainer to achieve your fitness goals in a safe manner. Since, you are doing your workout under proper supervision, you cannot get injured.

There are only few personal trainers available in London who are professionally trained and certified. Choosing a wrong trainer can ruin your health and you cannot get optimal results. You can search such trainers online and choose the best one for your outdoor training, only after checking their reviews, qualifications and certifications. You can also fix an initial appointment with such trainers for a demonstration.