To exercise regularly and stay fit, motivation is very important. Waking up early or hitting the gym after office hours without motivation is impossible. But, the truth is motivation seems very difficult in this case. Every day or every moment, the mind comes up with new excuses to skip the workout regime and stay relaxed at home.

Do you know why it happens? It’s because many people believe that exercise must be awful to be effective. They will have hurt themselves to stay fit and look good. And thus, they stop before even getting started.

We know it’s difficult to stay motivated to hurt your body. But, you should think about its positive side. If you still cannot take a step forward, consider the following tips to stay motivated.

Record the shift in mood and energy level during a workout session
You are ready to exercise but then you feel lazy and think of skipping the day. And thus, you start moving towards your home. This shows you are not motivated to exercise.

To avoid this condition, you should capture your mood shifts and energy levels. Before you begin, record a very short statement on your smartphone, describing how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. You should do the same immediately after exercise.

Recording won’t be effective. You should listen to these recordings right after each other. And, you should use this for a few workouts in a row so that the effect is impactful.

This technique might take time but will certainly work. After you listen to the recordings a few times, you will teach your brain to chase the reward of feeling better after exercise. With this, you will create a behavioral loop and your brain will be accustomed accordingly.

Pick your exercise intensity level
The intensity of exercise is something people are fearful about. They think their bodies will not take that much pressure and thus, they will fail. This mostly happens with beginners because they don’t know much about exercise intensity. According to them, only a high-intensity workout gives results.

The intensity of the exercise is important but only if your body is ready. So, you should choose your exercise intensity level.

As it’s about motivation, you should choose an intensity that you find most agreeable. This will ensure your participation and you will get good results. If you are unable to decide, you should exercise at varying intensity levels. A workout schedule with lots of relaxing stages will keep you motivated. If it includes high-intensity exercises daily, you will not feel like doing it.

Hire a personal trainer
Nothing can be better than working with a personal trainer in Surrey to stay motivated. With a personal trainer, you don’t have to do anything. Everything will happen automatically. You don’t have to train your mind to exercise regularly.

A Personal Trainer SurreyPersonal Trainer Surre personalizes the training schedule as the client’s requirements and other considerations. It means if your body is not willing to do it, the personal trainer will not include that in the routine. Or, the trainer will fit that thing in the schedule in such a way that you will not get to know it.

Your body will not be under pressure if you work with a personal trainer.